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Remote Banking

Oficina Internet

Oficina Internet

Oficina Internet: more accessible, more personal

With Oficina Internet, you can make all your banking operations and transactions immediately and with total security, 24 hours a day. Access your accounts, cards or loans wherever you are, without waiting.

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet to begin to operate.

  • Available 24 hours
  • Operate with total security

How does it work?

We offer you a Oficina Internet adapted to your expectations, with the latest technological advances, a design that allows simpler and more intuitive navigation and new functionalities. These include the ability to communicate and dialogue with your branch and improved access to detailed information about its products.

To access the service, enter your national ID, Passport or Residency Permit number and the access code (your PIN card's code). For more security, in operations involving moving funds such as transfers, mobile phone top-ups, stock exchange operations, etc., you will be asked for your electronic signature.

Access now to Oficina Internet and enjoy all its operations.

If you are not yet a customer , you can apply from this page. If you would like to learn more about the operation and possibilities it offers you, you can see an example in the next Opens in a new windowOficina Internet demo.

More accessible, more intuitive, more personal. That's the way it is at Oficina Internet.

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We remove your fees.

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