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Pension Plans

General Information


Concepts to be considered in pension plans.

The creation of the pension plans responds to a social reality: the recognition of a type of saving of increasing demand that already had international experience.

In this way, the wellbeing of future retirees is ensured; and it allows the contributions not to come out of our resources after presenting our tax returns, but instead that they are deducted directly in our taxes.

Indeed, pension plans enjoy very beneficial tax treatment, which makes them the best instrument for long-term saving.

The current situation and the expectations of evolution of the Social Security Institute are in a delicate state, meaning that the public protection system seems to bemoving towards a complement of minimums.

In the face of this reality, pension plans offer an ideal solution: Today our tax burden decreases, and tomorrow our retirement income will increase, in addition to adding an excellent average yield.

Learn everything you need to know about pension plans.