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  • Interests, Euribor, fees... discovers the factors key for choose a mortgage.
    4? of reading.

  • Sell from individual to individual

    ¿How sell from individual to individual and take out him avail to the web portals?
    5? of reading.

  • mortgages for young sub35

    Discovers the requirements and profits of the mortgages for people under 35 years old.
    2? of reading.

Finds the reply that look for on...

#Vender a house

Taxes, procedures, agencies... If you want sell a property, here have replies to your doubts.

#Mis Finances

Accounts, bills, cards... All the articles to organise your finances of the day by day are here.


Owners and tenants, tenants and owners. Here will find replies to your doubts on procedures, contracts, taxes, aids, holiday rent and more...

#Comprar a house

Mortgages, aids, procedures... If are looking for a house to buy and you have questions, here can find the replies.

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Buy a house has out of style? Marc Vidal us explains how will be the property of the future.
1’ reading + 18’ of Master Class

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