• Sustainable financing – Sector Hotelier

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Without recourse financing

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    New Platform Supplier Reverse Factoring

    An easy way of consulting and anticipating its invoices of Confirming.

    Access and record

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    New payment services

    You can now issue instant transfers by file with Bankia, paying instantly on any day of the year, even on national holidays. We will process your transfers in BOL-E in the most efficient way possible.

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    Comercio Exterior Facility

    All the support for your international activity in a single contract.

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Account in your companies with the best virtual professionals

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Bankia POS terminal solutions adapt to suit your company with additional services.

We know how important financing is for your business

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    Multiproducto Global Facility

    Consolidate the financing for your company's working capital under a single contract. In addition, you can assign a global limit to distribute between different products.

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    We offer suppliers the possibility of viewing and collecting early payments for customer-approved invoices.

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    Expert Line Leasing

    Expert advisory service, that will guide you in the management of your leasing products with a direct service tailored to suit you.

We offer you all the services needed for making your business grow

  • Batch Transfer Services

    A simple, quick and convenient way to make the transfers you wish to Bankia and other Spanish banks.

  • Financial Aggregator

    View all your balances and transactions in one place, even for your accounts from other banks. Now you don't have to log in to multiple banking websites.