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Exchange market

New tall of the euro.

Return meeting in the EURUSD that we do returning to see maximum levels of the pair in 1.1712 EURUSD, not checked from August 2015, for later on to return to those of start session under 1.1650 EURUSD. This time went the good detail of IFO German that which reflected the strong optimism of the employers German with a reliable record-breaking, the indicator of expectations 107.3 points are placed at, above 106.5 expected and the confidence indicator has marked a new tall of 116 points from 115.2 of June, the best reading of the unification of the country. The IFO is a very consecutive indicator for the market since it allows measuring the feeling of the German management about the development of the German economy, for this reason yesterday acted of support for the euro and it drove it to levels of does two summers.

Yesterday knew the private detail of weekly inventory API of oil and today will know the governmental one of the EIA. The hurled figure yesterday for the American Institute of the Oil reflected a fall of the production of 10.2 million barrels with respect to last week (the great registered fall from September 2016), which it caused a recovery in the price of the crude oil of the 5% until arriving at to reach 51 dollars for barrel, the maximum collected rise in 7 weeks.

Today will be pending the detail of CPI in The United Kingdom, that is expected is of 0.3% quarterly ones from 0.2% previous and that the year-on-year rate is placed at 1.7% when dealing with 2% previous. The quarterly rate of the 0.3% is one of the snider of all countries of the Eurozone, being the main reason that which the consumer spending of The United Kingdom does not seem to end of going up.

For today will follow pending which it happens with the meeting of the FED, it is very unlikely that they announce no modification of interest rates since this meeting will not go followed by the traditional press conference of the chairwoman Yellen, in fact, the market does not discount monetary change in policies in this month. In addition, is not the best moment to move to sign after knowing the latest data of inflation in the United States that it surprised with a downward trend, which is why all points out to that the organisation will expect to know new details macroeconomic to change of posture.

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Bankia obtains a net profit attributed of 514 million euros up to the end of June, about 6.7% more

26 July 2017

Bankia achieved a net profit attributed of 514 million euros in the first half of the year, with a growth of the 6.7% on the same period of the previous year. The strength of the traditional business's income banking, together with the control of the expenses, the minors provisions for the reduction of the non-performing assets and the fall of the awarded ones explain the improvement of the profit and they take the return on corporate equities at 8.6%, when dealing with 8.2% of the first half of 2016.

Spain / Review of the stage of the Spanish economy

25 July 2017

Thanks to the vigor of the internal demand, in a context of favourable financing conditions and intense job creation, together with pushes the of the tourism and the good tone of markets of export, the Spanish economy is having a more dynamic behaviour of which we foresaw in the kick-start of the exercise. In this presentation develop all keys in which is based this our review of predictions.

EMU / The manufacturing sector concentrates the improvement in the business expectations

25 July 2017

Business confidence indicators of July result compatible with an economy that it grows to high rhythms graces, mostly, to the boost that is expected for the manufacturing sector.

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IMF / EMU and China compensate the depreciation of the expectations in the USA and The United Kingdom
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