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Currency market

Calm after on the day D.

On the day one of the beginning of the UK disconnection of the European Union passed without many overjumps. The United Kingdom expects to do at the same time the disconnection, with the negotiations of resulting new relationships after consummating the divorce, to those which Merkel and European authorities have been put up. Which we have clear is that this has just completely started. The esterlina assumed the invocation to the article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon with calm and still quotes in 0,8650EURGBP.

Yesterday, unconfirmed sources of the European Central Bank, said that him market on reacted to which it emerged in the latest Meeting of the ECB. According to these sources, the market interpreted that the monetary authority was going to begin the monetary standardisation before which is planned.

This caused strong cessions of the Euro when dealing with all pairs, arriving the EURUSD to be marked 1,0740EURUSD and the EURJPY 119,00.

The price of the Brent went up until$52.50 the barrel. To the cut of the production in Libya, yesterday knew as petrol inventories fell more than the expected thing and those of the crude oil did not go up as much as were expected. This has given a certain relief to currencies more related to the price of the commodities. The EURNOK is crossed in 9,1520, the EURCAD in 1,4330 and the EURAUD 1,4035.

Of today's session emphasise to follow the publication of the consumer confidence in the Eurozone, the ipc in Germany, the third review of the Pib North American of the 4T16 and the initial demands for unemployment benefit. Additionally will be attentive to the discourses of members of the FED. Kaplan, Dudley, Williams and Mester. The first two with a right to vote.

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Spanish companies approve in digital competitiveness, although they present handsome margin of improvement

27 March 2017

Spanish companies approve in digital competitiveness, although they present handsome margin of improvement, since they obtain a GPA of five on ten, according to is given off of the ‘Report Bankia Índicex 2016: The digitisation of companies in Spain’.

Banking / Evolution of the deposits in the EMU

29 March 2017

In the EMU, the deposits of companies and homes residents of the Eurozone increase in February a +0.3%, with the same relative evolution in companies and in homes. Spain shows a slight fall in the month, situating the year-on-year variation in +3.3%.

Banking / Evolution of the credit in the EMU

29 March 2017

In the EMU, the balance of the credit to companies and homes increases +0.3% in February, thanks to the dynamism of Core countries that they move forward +0.4% and to the stability of the peripheral attaché. Spain goes back slightly (-0.2%) in February and the year-on-year evolution remains stable in-2.8%.

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