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Companies treasury deposit

  • Depósito Tesorería Empresas

    A flexible and profitable deposit for making deposits at different terms, from 1 to 365 days.


    Different maturities


    Term deposit

    Business account

  • Cuenta Negocio

    Cuenta NegocioAutomate regular transfers of balances from your accounts to a main account, optimising your treasury operations.


    The operations



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Structured products

  • Combinations of traditional financial instruments and derivatives that make it possible to design investment, financing or coverage operations suited to your company.

    Issue trading orders on negotiable securities in both national and international stock markets, based on our specialists' advice.

  • Securities

    Investment funds

  • We adapt to your company's needs, in fixed or variable income.

    Learn about all the funds in our catalogue and make the most of their advantages. Account x2 companies

Cuenta x2 Empresas combines liquidity and return for your company

Our online services designed for your company


  • We want to help Spanish companies face up to one of their greatest competitive challenges: digital transformation.

    Oficina Internet Empresas

  • Make your enquiries and bank transactions simply and with total security.

    Bankia Empresas Informa

  • We present to you a Newsletter designed for company executives, managers and professionals that will give you punctual information on current economic affairs.


  • This is a part of the public documentation which informs the unit holder of movements due to subscriptions or reimbursements in the fund.

    EURIBOR: (Euro Interbank Offered Rate).

    Interest rate of reference for the Euro area.


  • FIAMM (Money Market Investment Fund) A type of fund that, by law, must make its investments in fixed-yield securities of short-term maturity (up to 18 months) and high liquidity.

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    Reverse factoring

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    Debes tener en cuenta que una movilización de fondos de inversión supone un reembolso y una suscripción. null

  • Estado de posición:

    Es parte de la documentación pública que informa al partícipe de los movimientos por suscripciones o reembolsos en el fondo.

  • Euribor:

    (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). null

  • FIAMM:

    FIAMM (Fondos de Inversión en Activos del Mercado Monetario) Tipo de fondos que, por ley, deben realizar sus inversiones en títulos de renta fija de vencimiento a corto plazo (hasta 18 meses) y elevada liquidez.