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  • Structured of Investment. Structured of Financing. Commitment for the innovation.

Main features

Structured products are combinations of traditional financial instruments and derivatives which can enable us to design investment, financing or hedging operations to suit each customer.

The experience gained is these years, by the team of Bankia's structuring, we allow putting at your disposal numerous financial solutions set aside for satisfy specific needs. Similarly, our commitment for the innovation us assistance to constantly generate investment and financing new ideas.

Besides propose to our clients the more new products and suitable to its needs, offer an advisory service of the countable impact, district attorney and legal of the contracting of the structure, as well as support in the follow-up (including the daily online assessment if is required) or in the implementation of models of follow-up of the risk.

For more information, contacts with your manager of Bankia.

Investment Structuring

Those investors that they wish do a commitment on the behaviour of a certain underlying one (interest rates, stock exchange, inflation, etc.), but that they want limit its risk protecting total or partially the invested capital or ensuring a minimum return, have in the structured products of investment its best ally.

By employing structured products, you can also leverage an investment, increasing its potential profitability -and its risk-.

You can set out to your idea and we will design the product that better is adapted to your objectives. The underlying structure can be:

  • Stock market indices
  • Shares
  • Volatility
  • Interest rates
  • Spanish or European inflation
  • Raw materials

Financial Structuring

Structured financing products can have two objectives:

  • Cover the risk of the borrower or issuer, minimising the risk of increased financial costs and correlating these costs with the income statement.
  • Initial saving on financial costs, taking on some risk of this financial cost.

Between the first emphasise classical products as the type to variable interest, with a maximum (cap) or with a maximum and a minimum one (necklace), or the loans with interest rates linked to the inflation.

Products that allow cost savings in exchange for taking on greater risks also incorporate the sale of options.

Some classic products are:

  • Structures with a low fixed rate, that changes to a higher fixed rate or to a variable rate if happens a certain event (ej. the euribor touches a level).
  • Structures with low fixed rates that you can in advance amortise by the counterparty.
  • Structures with low types that can add a tall payment on maturity before a certain financial event (ej. the dollar touches a certain level).

The range is so varied as your needs. Bankia can design the structured product of financing that better is adapted to the same.