Tarjeta Iberia Sendo Business

  • A Visa Card and an American Express

    For the same price, to make the most of your company's representation expenses

  • Making it easier to manage representation expenses Identifies the expenses per cardholder Two cards: a Visa and an American Express
  • Sendo_Bankia Empresas__Corporate_Visa

Features of the card

The Iberia Sendo Business card is a pack made up of two complementary cards, one American Express® and one Visa. Two cards that share:

  • A single limit.
  • An annual fee.
  • A monthly statement.

Advantages of the Iberia Sendo Business Card

  • It facilitates the management of your company's representation expenses without the need to have cash on your premises.
  • It allows greater control of expenses, thanks to a monthly detailed statement to the holder and the company for expense monitoring and control.
  • Free insurances associated with the card: accident and travel assistance.
  • Possibility of choosing between Classical or Gold cards, both of which provide total coverage in businesses and at ATMs all over the world.
  • The card can also be issued with the Tarjeta Puente Aéreo (Commuter Flight Barcelona to Madrid) funcionality, interesting for all those who frequently use the commuter flight between Barcelona and Madrid.

On Business or Avios points

With the Iberia Sendo Business American Express® card you will obtain double points. In addition, it is the company that decides who benefits from the points obtained for paying with the card, points that can be exchanged for flights with Iberia.

  • If they are allocated to the company, it obtains On Business Points, that are assigned when registering the company in the On Business Programme.
  • If they are allocated to the employee/beneficiary of the card they obtain Avios, that are assigned in the Iberia Plus account associated with Iberia Sendo Business Cards .

In both cases, every time the American Express® card is used to pay for purchases, you will obtain double points.

The Iberia Plus Business Points or Avios will be exchanged for free flights with Iberia, car rental, hotel nights, etc.


  Visa American Express
On Business Points 1 point for every € 18 1 point for every € 9
Avios 1 Avio for every € 2 1 Avio for every € 1