Tarjeta Vía T Empresas

  • Contract your Vía T Card for your company's vehicles

    Then drive the motorways without having to stop to pay tolls

  • Valid for motorways in the whole of Spain. Discounts for frequent travellers. Charge in the associated account.

How it works

Contract your Vía T Card to use with highway transport fleets as well as other company vehicles (cars for executives, sales force, etc.)

So simple as placing the card at the windscreen of your car. When the vehicle drives under the toll station, the signal emitted by your Vía T card is picked up by the sensor and the barrier is raised without the vehicle having to stop.

Vía T card expenses are charged monthly, directly into the company account. In addition, so that you can monitor your expenditure, once a month you will receive a statement with the payments identified by routes. Likewise, can consult the movements at any time via Bankia Online.

With the Vía T Card* you will not only achieve significant savings in time and fuel, but you can also obtain important discounts for frequency of use.. These discounts, which can reach 60% in some routes, are applied directly by the concession holder.

For more detailed information on where you can use VIA T, as well as the aforementioned discounts, see the website www.viat.es

Advantages of the Vía T Card

  • Drive on Spain's motorways without having to stop at any toll stations. Possibly extending into the rest of Europe in the future.
  • Offers frequent-driver discounts.
  • Receive a monthly car payment statement for the company and another for each beneficiary.
  • No maintenance fees for the first year.


*We hereby inform you that this product must be contracted through your Bankia branch. A fee of €30 will be charged for each device. 5 or 6 days after contracting the product, you can collect the Vía T Card at your branch.