Servicio Aplaza

Offer your customers the possibility of paying for their purchases in installments and see how your profits increase.

Advantages of the Aplaza Service

    • Simple: you only need your POS for your customers to be able to pay with any of the Bankia credit cards.
    • Affordable: finance your sales at a very low cost.
    • No risks: will receive the charge at the time of the purchase, and the risk it assumes Bankia.
    • Success: the benefits of being able to offer credit facilities will be seen in your sales.

How does it work?

  • Offering finance to your customers is as easy as following these simple steps:

    • Use your POS to access “Customer Operations” and select the “Payment Management" option.
    • Type in the amount and click on “Val”.
    • Swipe, insert or bring the Bankia card close to the POS.
    • Enter the number of months and click on “Val”.
    • On the screen you will be requested to enter a payment code to complete the operation. This code coincides with the number of months you wish to postpone payment for the purchase (3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months).