ServiRed Tú Decides

The ServiRed Service allows you to postpone payment for your purchases of over 60 euros* up to the limit of your credit card at participating businesses.

Characteristics of ServiRed Tú Decides

  • Its operation is simple - simply follow these 3 steps when you make your purchase:

    • After entering your card into the POS terminal and typing your PIN, you can choose the payment method: standard or deferred.
    • If you decide to defer your purchase, you can choose the option "defer payment" in 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments via the POS terminal screen.
    • Once you choose the deferred payment method, you must sign the receipt.

    * In all businesses associated with this service and with cards that apply 100% payment at end of month (not deferred). The minimum monthly instalment is 20 euros.