Business risks

Business risks
  • Contracting currencies in OIE

Bankia covers the exchange rate risk of your operations in currency

For payments related to imports and collections deriving from exports


  • At any time, via Oficina Internet Empresas
  • Securely and immediately
  • Consult the historical record of contractings made
  • Download online the supporting document of each contracting

We are specialists in companies

  • Bankia offers your company customised products for managing the interest rate risk of your financing.

  • We have a wide range of tailor-made products and strategies that allow you to limit the exchange rate risk in spot, forward and options markets. In addition, you can easily contract your exchange insurances and cash exchanges in Oficina Internet Empresas.

  • Protects the personal assets of the company's directors against claims for damages caused to the company, to the shareholders or to third parties as a consequence of management errors.

  • An insurance policy addressed to covering any damages that the company may suffer after a catastrophe or any public liability which it may incur, protecting the company's assets and the continuity of its activity.

  • It insures against economic harm deriving from the company's obligation to compensate as a result of any public liability it may have incurred for damages caused to third parties due to error or negligence.

  • Savings system for long-term provision with significant tax advantages for both the company and the employees.

  • The most flexible solutions, always in line with the collective workers' agreement or equivalent provision, and ensuring proper disclosure of the company's legal obligations to its staff in the event of death or permanent disability.

  • An early retirement system provides solutions for excess staff, when they are older, creating a series of complements to the state pension fund with the aim of upholding employees' wage levels.

We offer your company other products

  • Employment Pension Plans

    Savings system for long-term provision with significant tax advantages for both the company and the employees.

  • Collective Health Insurance

    Protect your employees' health with a complete health cover insurance.

  • Credit Insurance

    It allows companies that sell on credit to cover their sales against the risk of default.

  • What is an IRS or fixed rate?

    Used as interest rate risk cover and allows the exchange of two interest rates between the customer and the bank, in such a way that the bank will pay the customer the variable rate and the customer will pay the bank the fixed rate.

  • What is an interest rate derivative?

    It is a contract through which two parties agree, for a period of time, an exchange of obligations and/or payment rights, calculated on the same face value.

  • What are the principal company pension provisions available in Bankia?

    At Bankia we have employment pension plans.

    An employment pension plan is a long-term saving-prevision system promoted by an SME or a company for its employees. In order to be a participant in an employment pension plan proposed by a promoter, the essential requirement is the existence of a working relationship with that promoter.