Business risks

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  • Contracting of currencies in Bankia Online Business

Bankia covers the risk of exchange rate of your operations in currency

For payments related to imports and charges derived from exports


  • At any time, via Bankia Online Business.
  • In a sure and immediate way.
  • Enquiry the historic one of contractings carried out.
  • Online download the supporting document of each contracting.

We are specialists in companies

  • Bankia offers your custom-made products company for the management of risk of interest rates of your financings.

  • We have a wide range of products and strategies designed customised that they allow limiting the risk of exchange rate in the markets of spot, forward and of options. In addition, can contract easily your purchase/forward exchange and change sales of counted in Bankia Online Business.

  • Protects the personal assets of the managers social when dealing with claims for damages caused to the company, to the shareholders or to third parties that they are management error consequence.

  • Insurance set aside for covering the damages that it can suffer the company after a catastrophe or the legal liability in which can incur, protecting thus, the assets of the company and the continuity of your activity.

  • Ensures the economic disservices derived from the obligation of the company to compensate as a result of the legal liability in which have incurred for caused damages to third parties mediating blame or negligence.

  • Saving system long-term forecast with significant tax advantages both for the company and for the employees.

  • The most flexible solutions, always in line with the collective workers' agreement or equivalent provision, and ensuring proper disclosure of the company's legal obligations to its staff in the event of death or permanent disability.

  • A system of early retirement allows giving solutions to the surplus of staff, when the same are years-old advanced, when creating a series of complements to the public provisions in order to maintain a certain wage level of the worker.

We offer your company other products

  • Pension Plans of Employment

    Saving system long-term forecast with significant tax advantages both for the company and for the employees.

  • Health Groups' insurance

    Protects your employees' health with a health complete guarantee.

  • Insurance of Credit

    It allows the companies that they sell to credit cover its sales against the default risk.

  • Which are the available measured principals in Bankia of business forecast?

    In Bankia we have pension plans of employment.

    A pension plan of employment is a system of saving-forecast long-term promoted by a SME or company for its employees. To be shareholder of a pension plan of employment that promotes a developer, the essential requirement, is the existence of working relationship with that developer.

  • What tax advantages has pension plans of employment?

    Pension plans of employment enjoy a favourable tax payment:

    • For the company: the contributions that carries out the company are a deductible expenditure in the Corporation tax, although is essential that are attributed fiscally, those contributions, to the worker.
    • For the shareholders: the contributions of the developer increase the contribution basis to the Social Security Institute. The contributions received from the developer have a neutral effect in the basis of assessment of the Personal income tax (the contributions are attributed fiscally as an earned income but in turn reduce the basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX in the same amount). On the other hand, the contributions made by the shareholder reduce the basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX. The total of the contributions/contributions has a limit of 8.000euros. The tax relief will be the minor of these two amounts: the contributed amount (with a limit of 8,000 euros) or 30% of net yields of the work and economic activities.
    • The contributions that they can not be object of reduction for exceeding the relative limit of 30% will be able to be reduced in the 5 following financial years.
  • Which are the principals derived from Bankia?

    The principals derived from interest rate that markets Bankia are Caps and IRS or Swaps.