Colectivos de Ahorro y Jubilaciˇn

The safest and easiest way to provide incentives and build loyalty among all or part of the staff through remuneration formulas, without any annual contribution limit, allowing deferred wages to be established for certain employees or to complement their future state pension fund.


    • Secure Loyalty Bonus: it allows the company to establish a deferred wage in favour of some of its workers, conditioning its effective payment on circumstances such as permanence in employment, longevity or productivity, emphasising its excellent tax benefits.
    • Bono Asegurado Jubilación: it is an insurance policy whose main purpose is to complement the future public retirement pension for management staff and even worker-partners in the company.

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    If a company wishes to reward certain workers, recompensing such concepts as loyalty, productivity or permanence, the traditional way of doing so is through the wage packet. This entails the payment of Social Security contributions, the deposit of withholdings on account of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX and the automatic transmission of rights to the worker, which is why the incentive loses a large part of the sought-after effect.

    Through the Bono Asegurado Fidelizaciˇn the aim sought by the company is ensured, with no imputation until maturity for income tax, with the right to surrender for the policy therefore conserved, applying taxation to employees that is much more favourable than those for ordinary remunerations.

    For those companies that wish to build loyalty among their best managers or workers until they retire, constituting a deferred salary at that time through the creation of a commitment for defined contribution pensions, we offer you the option of the Secure Retirement Bonus:.

    The premiums contributed by companies to this retributive system are not included in employees' contribution base. And there is no ceiling for the maximum contribution, as it is a system that is complementary to other similar formulas.


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