Life Assurance Collectives

The most flexible solutions, always in line with the collective workers' agreement or equivalent provision, and ensuring proper disclosure of the company's legal obligations to its staff in the event of death or permanent disability.


    Guarantees a capital payment or regular income for the beneficiary of the insurance in the event of the death of the insured party due to any cuase during the contract term. The contract term is annual, automatically extending upon maturity by further one-year periods, unless commanded otherwise by either party.

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    Risk Insurance guaranteeing payment to a company's employees in the event of:

    • Death: guarantees a capital or income to the payee in case the insured person passes away for any cause.
    • Accidental death: in the event of accidental death, the payee will receive an additional capital to the one of the main guarantee.
    • Death by chance of circulation: this guarantee is hired together with that one of accidental death and guarantees to the insured person an additional capital of identical or inferior amount of the accidental life insurance.
    • Total and permanent disability: to the insured person the capital established in the policy guarantees him to him and the rest of are cancelled the guarantees.
    • Total disability and permanent: before the total disability that it impedes him completely the financial year of its usual profession, the insured person will receive the capital established in the policy.

    In addition to offering highly competitive prices, these insurance policies include a Profit-Sharing Clause, entitling the insured party to receive a bonus in the event of positive results due to low accident claims rates.


    Insurance brokered by BANKIA MEDIACIÓN Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado, S.A.U. (NIF A-40148884) and registered office at Pº Castellana 189, 28046 Madrid. Registered in the special administrative registry of insurance brokers of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV-0034. Insurance agency contracts signed with Mapfre España, Mapfre Global Risks and Bankia Mapfre Vida. Financial liability insurance and financial capacity covered according to current legislation.