Multicompany Guarantee Facility

    Aimed at groups of legal persons who, as part of their business activities, regularly request third-party guarantees from financial entities (Multicompany Guarantee Facility).

    These facilities must have sufficient flexibility, both in the allocation of limits and in operations, and with individualised communication to the CIRBE, that allows an efficient management of your needs to acquire bank guarantees and facilitates your accounting control of the group's companies.


    • Flexibility and agility in your guarantee management.
    • Possibility of consulting and attributing accountably the respective provisions made to the different companies and delegations of the group.

    Overall limit

    The limit will be of common use for all titleholders, with the following exceptions:

    • Allocation of restrictive individual sublimits with respect to the global limit, where determined by the corresponding Risk Committee.
    • Limit reserve for the main holder of the guarantee facility. At the customer's request, an amount exclusively allocated to the main holder may be established, without granting said holder access to the entire global limit of the Facility. However, establishing this reserve shall affect the remaining holders, who shall only have access to the global limit available after the said reserve amount plus the total withdrawals made have been deducted.


    • In euros. For provisions in currencies other than euros, the availability will be linked to the corresponding Exterior Commerce Facility.