Employment Pension Plans

This is a long term saving-pension scheme promoted by a company, organisation or corporation for its employees. By making contributions and the subsequent capitalisation system, you will obtain benefits when the covered contingencies take place.


    Aims of this system of social savings system:

    • To complement employee’s retirement funds.
    • Optimise wage costs (contributions are exempt from social security contributions; therefore, the business wage cost is equal to the amount of the contribution).
    • To provide tax breaks.
    • To motivate all employees.
    • To offer an alternative to other social benefits.

    Tax breaks for the company

    • Less costly form of remuneration than monetary remuneration, since the amount contributed:
      • Reduces the Taxable Base of Corporate Income Tax.
      • Does not increase the Calculation Base for Social Security Contributions.
    • You do not have to have withholdings for your personal income tax done, like with other types of benefits in kind.

    Tax breaks for workers

    • Has a neutral effect on their income, since on the one hand, the company’s contribution increases their taxable base, but on the other hand they benefit from the reductions applicable to pension plans.
    • No withholdings on account of P.I.T.

    Other benefits

    • Participation in the scheme can also be extended to partners working in the employment plans promoted in the area of cooperative and employment entities, if so stipulated in the specifications of the plan promoted by the company. In these cases, the promoting company may make contributions in favour of the stated participating partners, without prejudice to their own contributions to these pension plans.
    • Specific financial regime for disabled persons.
    • Lower commissions than individual pension systems: approximately 60% less.


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