Tipo de Cambio

We place at your disposal a range of made-to measure products and strategies that allow you to limit the exchange rate risk.

Main features

  • The goal with these products is to be adapted to your needs and to your risk profile.

    • Mercado de Spot: the client settles its positions in foreign currency up to two trade days after the value date.
    • Mercado Forward: clients secure the purchase or sale of a certain currency on a future date and at a previously stipulated price, regardless of the evolution this currency has.
    • Mercado de Opciones: for our clients we quote on the stock exchange both Plain Vanilla options and Exotic option structures, the latter free of cost.

Buy/sell of forward exchange

  • Insure a currency exchange rate for a specified period of time. In this way, the price is fixed at the time of the contract and it remains unchanged until the operation's maturity date, regardless of the evolution of the currency.

    • Advantages: total lack of uncertainty.
    • Disadvantages: market evolution is not used in your favour (if this happens).

Exchange Rate Derivatives (options and futures)

  • It delimits the currency exchange rate within a certain range and for a possible evolution of the market in your favour, in exchange for assuming a certain risk.

    We design personalised strategies at no cost to you: Tunnel, Cancellable tunnel, Forward Plus, Range Reset Forward and Accumulator.