Financing and guarantees

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  • Multiproducto Global Facility

Bankia financing will help you grow your company

We are committed to the Multiproducto Global Facility as the best financing deal for your company


  • Signature an only contract for your working capital operations.
  • We adapt the Multiproducto Global Facility to your needs.
  • Economic terms and conditions in a private contract.
  • Avoids to have idle limits of available.

Discover the whole range of Bankia financing

  • Finance the internationalisation process and the exporting activity of companies with a registered office in Spain.

  • Tell us your short-term financing needs. We can help you.

  • View and pay the invoices your customers have sent.

  • Integrated service for management and financing of your accounts payable.

  • Management of collection and payment of credit the company grants to third parties and that have previously been granted to Bankia.

  • The fastest way to obtain advance payment of SEPA charges, letters, promissory notes or other bills of exchange.

  • Financing of investments and working capital

  • Business project financing in Spain and EU for companies and self-employed workers of the agro-food sector.

  • Financing aimed at companies and self-employed workers that carry out productive investments in the country and/or need to cover their liquidity needs.

  • Financing facility intended to support the internationalisation of companies.

  • Financing intended for the self-employed and companies, which have a Reciprocal Guarantee Company (RGC) or SAECA (Sociedad Anómina Estatal de Caución Agraria) guarantee.

  • Provides the business project financing and working capital for based companies in Catalonia.

  • Share your long-term financing projects with us.

  • The assets you need for your business without having to make initial outlays of funds, in exchange for the deposit of a regular income and with the possibility of acquiring the asset.

  • We have a significant presence in the European and American markets.

  • Custom-made financial solution through the financing of projects, assets and acquisitions.

  • Bankia provides a broad range of guarantees:

  • It is designed for groups of individuals who, when carrying out their business activities, repeatedly request the concession of guarantees from financial institutions against third parties.

Our online services designed for your company

  • Bankia Online Business

    Make your enquiries and bank transactions simply and with total security.

  • Charge and Payment Management

    Improve the management of your company's payments and receipts thanks to this tool.

  • File Sending

    Through the Oficina Internet you can process different types of files, providing you have previously contracted the corresponding service.

  • What is a syndicated loan?

    A loan granted to large and medium-sized companies by two or more financial institutions with the same terms between them and under a single financing contract.

    In this way, it is possible to finance operations while sharing the risk between several financial institutions.

  • What does structured financing consisted of?

    It is a financial method for achieving financing, often long-term and with initial grace periods, for an exceptional investment and/or of great magnitude and/or certain complexity, and when the investment constitutes an independent productive unit, using as a repayment source the future cash flow generated by the investment.

    Typically in a structured financing banks do not have recourse (or just partial recourse) to the company interested in carrying out the investment. Examples of structured financing are:

    • The financing of a project, e.g. a wind farm where the financing is repaid from the cash flows generated by sale of the electricity produced.
    • Financing for the acquisition of a company, e.g. by a private equity fund where the financing is repaid from the cash flows generated by the acquired company.
    • And the financing of an asset, e.g. of an aircraft in which the loan is repaid from the cash flow generated by the commercial operation of the aircraft under a financial or operative leasing. They are normally assets with a (liquid) market value, so that the banks have the sale of the asset as a second source of repayment.
  • What is the difference between a pre-guarantee and a guarantee?

    The essential difference between a guarantee and pre-guarantee comes from the definition of pre-guarantees, which is a commitment to issue a guarantee in the future.