Financing and guarantees

Financing and guarantees

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  • Multiproducto Global Facility

Thanks to the financing of Bankia will be able to do big your company

We bet for the Multiproducto Global Facility as the best deal of financing for your company


  • Signature an only contract for your working capital operations.
  • We adapt the Multiproducto Global Facility to your needs.
  • Economic condition communication via Bankia Online Business.
  • Avoids have idle limits of available.

Discovers all the range of financing Bankia

  • Finances the process of internationalisation and the exporting activity of the companies with registered office in Spain.

  • Communicate us your financing needs to short. We can help you.

  • Enquiry and anticipates the invoices that they have been communicated for your clients.

  • Management all-inclusive service and financing of the accounts payable.

  • Charge and advance management of the credits that the company holds when dealing with third parties and that it has previously yielded to Bankia.

  • The fastest way of anticipating the amount of SEPA DEBTS, bills, promissory notes and any charge document.

  • Provides the business project financing and working capital set aside for innovation or made by innovative firms.

  • Bankia and the EIB join forces to boost the creation of youth employment by financing your investments and working capital.

  • Investments and working capital financing.

  • Business project financing in Spain and EU for companies and self-employed workers of the agro-food sector.

  • Financing aimed at companies and self-employed workers that carry out productive investments in the country and/or need cover its liquidity needs.

  • Line of funding set aside for supporting the internationalisation of companies.

  • Financing directed to self-employed workers and companies, that they have the guarantee of a Reciprocal Guarantee Company (RGC) or of the State Limited Company for Agricultural Guarantees (SAECA).

  • Provides the business project financing and working capital for based companies in Catalonia.

  • Shares with us your long-term financing projects.

  • The goods that need for your business, without having carry out initial disbursements, in exchange for the deposit of a periodic income and with possibility of acquiring.

  • We have an on the market European and American significant presence.

  • Custom-made financial solution through the project financing, of assets and acquisitions.

  • Bankia puts at your disposal a broad guarantees offer.

  • Is directed to legal groups of people that, in the development of its business activity, request in a recurring way to the financial institutions the granting of guarantees when dealing with third parties.

Our online services reasoned for your company

  • Bankia Online Business

    Carries out your way enquiries and bank transactions simple and with total security.

  • Charges and Payments management

    Improvement the management of the charges and payments of your company thanks to this tool.

  • File Sending

    From the Branch can process different types of files, for which, owes contracted credit previously the corresponding service.

  • How can consult the expiry date and the code CVV?

    The CVV is the code of verification of the card that it is usually necessary to indicate for the online shopping. In Visa Cards and MasterCard the CVV is 3 digits and is found in the reverse, together with the reserved space for the signature. In American Express cards are 4 digits and they appear in the obverse. The expiry date of the card is found situated between the number of the card and the name of the holder.

    Additionally can consult these details comfortably from the App Bankia.

  • How can modify the limits of my card?

    If need modify the limit of your credit card can do it via Bankia Online or addressing to any branch of Bankia.

  • What fees have the cards?

    Thanks to the programme FOR BEING YOU, the clients with direct billing incomes do not pay fee in its usual debit cards and also can have until four dropped out of free cash a month in foreign ATMs (Banco Sabadell and euro 6000).

    See conditions of the programme (PDF, 145 kB).

    You can consult fees of cards in the book of Fares and fees or in your branch.