• Management all-inclusive service and financing

    of the suppliers payment

  • Provides to the suppliers an additional source of financing. Avoids costs of issuance of cheques/promissory notes. Improvement your conditions with suppliers.

Manages in its entirety in an agile way, simple and efficient the payments to your suppliers. Bankia Confirming offers a service whereby you frees of all the administrative tasks of the payments that you must carry out to your suppliers, offering to these the possibility of contributing liquidity through the advance of those payments.

Confirming types Bankia

Confirming Standard: fee-paying management of the invoices. Bankia sends to your suppliers the fee-paying notifications in favour accompanied by an offer of advance of the invoices. The suppliers can choose request the advance of the invoices or expect to its charge on maturity.

Confirming with Postfinancing: a variable is considered of the Confirming Standard. In this case, arrived the maturity of the bill the issuer (Bankia's client) requests a fee-paying deferment to Bankia.

Confirming Early Payment: the issuer carries out the demand payment to the supplier regardless of the maturity date of the bill. Bankia him finances this demand payment. Thus you will be able to obtain a discount for early payment.


The requested advances in Bankia accounts will be paid into the moment of the application.

If you are already Bankia's client, enters in your Online Bankia Business for:

  • Consult the fee-paying notifications and offers of financing that they have been issued to your favour.
  • Request the advance of the invoices in an individual or overall way (automatic advance).
  • Update basic your details.

If still are not Bankia's client accesses Supplier Reverse Factoring for:



  • Builds loyalty the relationship with your suppliers offering them a source of liquidity under advantageous conditions.
  • Saves administrative costs and financial because of manipulation of documents.
  • Optimises the control and planning of the financial needs.
  • Avoids the incidences brought about by the direct billing.
  • Strengthens your image before the suppliers.
  • Homogenises your payment system to suppliers.
  • Possibility of carrying out all the management from your branch via Oficina Internet Empresas.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿I can cancel orders? You can cancel provided that the supplier DOES NOT have them early.

¿How you can inform my suppliers on some invoices? Via the Focus of Attention to Suppliers (CAP) in the telephone 902 931 560, in Bankia Online Business for clients and Bankia Online not to clients.

¿I can obtain some type of economic compensation for the willing financings? Yes, according to the degree of use you can establish a percentage of allocation.