Línea FEI Innovfin

  • Provides the business project financing and working capital set aside for innovation or made by innovative firms.

    SMEs, small midcaps and self-employed workers

  • Financing by means of a loan, leasing or a credit account. Term for loan and leasing operations: between 2 and 10 years. Term for operations of credit account: between 2 and 3 years.

The Line of Guarantees FEI InnovFin, signed between FEI and Bankia on 23 February 2018, has as an aim provide the business project financing and working capital carried out in Spain and in other countries, made by SMEs, small midcaps and self-employed workers. The investment has have a component of innovation or the holder owes be an innovative company, according to some established criteria for FEI.

This guarantee is possible because of the support of the Guaranty fund SME InnovFin with the European Union financial support low Horizon 2020 and I anchor the European for Strategic Investments (FEIE) established under the Investment plan for Europe. The objective of FEIE is help to the back-up financing and execute productive investments in the European Union and ensure an increase in the access to the financing.

logos european investment fund and Comsión European

The financing guaranteed by FEI has economic conditions more favourable with respect to credit alternative sources, which allows to Bankia move to its clients a financial advantage in the financing of its projects.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) was created in 1994 with the mission of helping small and medium-sized enterprises. Its majority shareholder is the European Investment Bank, together with which it forms the "EIB Group".

The EIF provides venture capital to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), particularly new businesses and those relating to the technology sector. Additionally provides guarantees to financial institutions to cover its loans to SMEs. For its work, the EIF uses its own funds or those provided by the EIB of the European Union.

The European Investment Fund works in the European Union member states, Croatia, Turkey, and the three EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) (www.eib.org).


  • Payees: SMEs and the self-employed according to the definition of the European Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC, i.e. autonomous SMEs with fewer than 250 employees and turnover of 50 million euros or a financial statement of 43 million euros or less. Additionally are permitted small midcaps that they are companies with a number of employees between 250 and 499 (without taking into account its invoicing and/or balance sheet). It is not essential that the payees are set up and they operate in Spain, can be also of admitted other countries in the Line (28 member countries of the European Union, and also Norway, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Antigua Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Switzerland, Islands Feroe, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia and Armenia).
  • Financeable projects: working capital investment projects and needs, that they owe materialise in Spain or in some admitted countries (mostly European). The investment projects or the payees owe fulfill some established innovation criteria for FEI and that are specified later.
  • Minimum amount and maximum of financing: between 25,000 euros and 7.5 million euros by titular payee and project. The same holder can obtain financing up to a maximum of 7.5 millions for each of the projects that it develops.
  • Excluded sectors for FEI: they will not be able to take refuge in this Line projects of certain sectors, as military productions, property developments, games of chance, production and marketing of tobacco, live animal' use with experimental ends, projects that harm the environment, purely financial operations, so much of society' purchase as of financial restructuring, illegal economic activities, nuclear power and hydroelectric, among others.
  • Validity of the facility: until 03/05/2020 or earlier, if they run out the contributed funds to constitute the guarantee.

Terms and Conditions

  • Economic and financial Terms and Conditions of the loans: when being a line guaranteed by FEI, has preferred economic conditions that you can consult in your branch or via your Commercial manager.
  • Repayment term:
    • Investment projects: 2 to 10 years, with the possibility of grace period.
    • Working capital financing: between 2 and 3 years, with possibility of lack.
  • Item of the holders: both number of employees and calculated taking into account so much its direct employees as the employees of related companies (self-employed workers, partners and linked) and also will be taken into account the relationships between companies via individuals in the case of combining enterprises.
  • Detail of financeable projects:
    • Investments in tangible or intangible assets (limited for the case of land).
    • Working capital: raw materials, staff, general expenses

Among others, are not permitted refinanciaciones or restructurings of an existing financing, pure liquidity, VAT nor land purchase financing.

All the investment projects owe materialise in Spain or in the admitted countries for FEI and detailed previously.

All the projects owe fulfill at least one of the established innovation criteria for FEI for this Line.

  • Criteria of innovation of FEI InnovFin (with general character):

1. Credit received low financing the Line FEI Initiative SMEs in the last 36 months.

2. Use the financing in products, services or processes innovators that they take unspoken a risk of failure technological, industrial or business.

3. Be a company of rapid growth.

4. Have some costs of I+I > 5% and take operating on the market less than 7 years.

5. Have potential of innovation: expenses of I+I ? 20% of the financing.

6. Allocate a minimum of 80% of the amount of the financing to the activities of I+I.

7. Credit received aids to the innovation in the last 36 months.

8. Credit received a prize to the innovation in the last 24 months.

9. Register a technology patent or right in the last 24 months.

10. Credit received an investment of an investor of pivotal irrigation in the last 24 months.

11. Require a financial investment of risk, higher than 50% of its average annual turnover in the last 5 years.

12. Have costs of I+I ? 10% in the last 3 years.

13. Be one small midcap and have costs of I+I of at least 15% in one of the 3 previous years to the application of financing or, at least, of 10% in the 3 previous years.

14. Credit incurred in expenses of I+I qualified in the last 36 months by organisations or national or regional institutions.

15. Be designated in the last 36 months as an innovative company.


For great detail of these criteria, enquiry in your branch or via your Commercial manager.