BMW C 650 Sport 44 kW 60 (CV) Gasolina

Valid offer until 30/06/2019. Limited units.

Special offer for Bankia's clients

Special offer for Bankia's clients

254. 79 ?/mes

VAT not included*

If you wish contract a renting in Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, contacts with us in the freephone number 900 226 542, or address to your branch.

Bankia advantages Renting

  • Tax advantages

    Tax advantages

    You will be able to deduct you until 100% of the fee as an expenditure in the Corporation tax, as well as the VAT.

  • Countable advantages

    Countable advantages

    Improvement return the of the investment, allowing invetir the liquidity in the economic activity of your company.

  • Advantages of management

    Advantages of management

    Control of the expenditure in an only monthly invoice. Saving of time in the management of the vehicle.


  • Maintenance and repairs

    In Bankia Renting we saw about everything the maintenance of the vehicle, both of the reviews and of the breakdowns, being only obligations of the driver the next ones:

    • Check periodically, and according to the recommendation of the manufacturer, levels of fluids and the pressure of the
    • Verify the type of fuel that refuels.
    • Provide attention to notifications of breakdown of the chart of instruments of the vehicle and in the event of appearing follow instructions established by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
    • Comply with the Maintenance plan of the vehicle of renting.

    We have a group of specialists that we we allow offering to the user a quality maintenance service.

  • Unlimited substitution of tyres

    With Bankia Renting will be able to enjoy an unlimited service of substitution of tyres by top brands, with which will be substituted according to its attrition, including the coverage of punctures, bursts and bordillazos.

    For the own security of the user, is recommendable the periodic control of the pressure and signs of attrition of the tyres. When you create necessary the substitution or their repair, get in touch with our Attention Platform to the User, where you will indicate the specialised workshop closer in order to be able to assess the state of the tyres and, if necessary, change them.

  • Comprehensive insurance with franchise

    With this service, for a franchise of just € 300, will have all the coverages, as a legal liability, insurance of the driver and the passengers, legal defense or damages of the vehicle.

    There are no limitations nor for minimum age of the driver, nor longevity of the card, provided that the driver has the permission of driving in force in Spain.

    In the event of accident will be able to contact with our Attention Platform to the User, where you will indicate the steps to follow. If it had opposite, although your renting vehicle did not have long-suffering damages, is necessary to fill the European Part of Accident.

    For your maximum comfort, have at your disposal a service of collected and delivery for the interventions of sheet and paintings on our streamlined workshop network.

    In the event of theft of the vehicle of renting, you must contact with our Attention Platform to the User and present the corresponding denunciation for theft before the statutory authority, specifying to the maximum its circumstances.

  • Assistance in road

    Before a breakdown or an accident that involves the immobilisation of the vehicle, can contact with our Platform of
    Attention to the User indicating following details:

    • Name and surnames
    • Registration
    • Exact spot where you find
    • Mobile phone of contact
    • Type of assistance sought

    If you have some breakdown or accident abroad, will arrange also of our Attention Platform to the User. In any case, provided that the vehicle is going to be used out of the country for a term higher than 7 consecutive calendar days, you must learn more via our Attention Platform to the User.

    In addition, you offer a new tool that you will allow when requesting assistance in road, know through a SMS the geolocation of the crane that it is providing such service and know the estimated time in which will arrive at the place where your vehicle is found.

  • Management of fines

    The service of management of fines you offers the unlimited appeal in official channel of all the offences of contracted vehicles with us. In addition, include a legal advisory service and learned assistance in the administrative thing to some special prices.

    Via our legal advice in the sector of administrative right, can offer all kind of solutions for an optimum defense to every driver of a vehicle of Bankia Renting.

  • Payment of taxes

    This service, sees about the payment of the taxes of Registration (IEM) and of mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM) for everyone vehicles of renting that you have contracted with us.

  • Attention to the driver 24 hours

    We are at the disposal of the driver 24 hours a day in our Attention Platform to the User in the 900 226 542, from which will be able to carry out all the administrative steps related to your vehicle and services.

  • Vehicle substitution

    In the event of catastrophe of sheet with an immobilisation higher than 24 hours, put at your disposal a vehicle of substitution of the Middling Compact category (Volkswagen Golf or similar – Group C), during a maximum term of 15 days for intervention.

  • Vehicle pre-delivery

    We are aware of the significant thing that is your mobility, for this reason, thanks to this service, will be able to have a vehicle for the same fee of your renting until it arrives your new vehicle* .

    *Vehicle of a category lower than the contracted one, with the same services included in the renting


  • Previous appointment

    So that you save time put at your disposal a service of appointment previous online for the interventions of mechanic, bodywork and tyres. Every client will be able to have a quality service saving time in every entrance that it has to the workshop.

Equipment included

Enjoys the renting of this vehicle with the complete equipment that you will find below:
  • Optional equipment

    • Finished HP
    • Tall package Gama
  • Other

    • ABS
    • Control of Traction

Requests information

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Person responsible for the processing: ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET S.A. MANAGEMENT with registered office on José street Echegaray Nº 20, 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid), and with N.I.F. A91001438;Aims: (i) Contact with the Applicant and manage the application and/or future applications; (ii) Service Provision of renting (iii) Management relationship company-client; (iv) quality surveys Performance; and (v) Follow-up of the state of the vehicle.Legitimation of the processing: Execution of the contract, legal obligation fulfillment and the interested party consent (when it is necessary);Potential recipients: Public Administrations, Business whose intervention is necessary to the service provision and, where applicable, to patrimonial solvency Files and credit. Public administrations. Business for the execution of the contract.Rights: It can practice the access rights, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition and portability appropriate, through written application, proving its identity, to the e-mail address; Further information:

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* If you wish contract a renting in Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, contacts with us in the freephone number 900 226 542, or address to your branch.
information BANKIA, S.A. him informs of that the company with which will subscribe the contract of renting, in the event of approving its application, will be ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U., with Tax ID Code (NIF) (N.I.F.) to-91001438. BANKIA, S.A. acts in this contracting only as agent of ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U.
ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U., is the only person responsible for fill the of the obligations set out in the current section (Bankia Renting) and in the pre-contractual information. Is a company unaware of the group Bankia and uses the brand Bankia Renting in awarded licence virtue by BANKIA, S.A. The showed vehicles can not coincide with the offered version.

  • What is the renting?

    Is a long-term rent in which all are included the necessary services so that the vehicle is always in mint condition.

  • What you can include within the contract of renting?

    The services included depend on the type of product, being pre-set and without possibility of changes for the Campaigns and being contractible according to the customer needs in the case of Customised Renting.

  • What services include the campaigns?

    • The rent of the vehicle.
    • Preventive maintenance and corrective.
    • Comprehensive insurance without fixed at a premium franchise.
    • Unlimited substitution of tyres including punctures and bursts.
    • Vehicle of substitution until 15 days for every immobilisation in the repairs of sheet and paintings.
    • Breakdown service from the km 0, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Available customer services 24 a day 365 days a year hours.
    • Management of fines in official channel.
    • The expenses of registration and delivery.
    • The taxes inherent to the registration and tenancy of the vehicle.


    This product includes the services standard of the market, more the more complete coverages that they do of Bankia Renting a top-quality differential product.