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  • Management all-inclusive service and financing

    Of accounts payable

  • Provides suppliers with an additional source of financing. Avoids the cost of issuing cheques/promissory notes. It allows you to homogenise your payment system to suppliers.

Main features

This is an all-inclusive service for managing and financing accounts payable: management of a company's domestic payments to its suppliers, substituting the traditional payment methods and including financing options in favour of the suppliers and/or the customer.

Addressed to medium-sized and large companies with the following characteristics:

  • High volume of payments to suppliers.
  • Regular and diversified suppliers who are paid on credit.

There are three types of contract.

  • Standard Reverse Factoring: management of payment of invoices. This consists in the sending by the bank of communications of payment in favour of the company's suppliers which incorporate a financing offer. Suppliers can choose to request the advance payment of invoices or wait for collection at maturity.
  • Reverse Factoring with Post-Financing: a variant of the standard type, which allows the company, once the maturity date of the invoices has been reached, and regardless of whether they have been collected in advance by the suppliers, to request from the bank a deferment of payment (post-financing) to a future date. The post-financing can be systematic (for all maturities) or one-off, at the customer's request.
  • Reverse Factoring with Quick Payment: Bankia offers you the management of on-demand payment to suppliers and deferment of payment via customised financing. In this way you will be able to obtain from your suppliers a discount for early payment.

Advantages of Customer Reverse Factoring

  • Provides suppliers with an additional, ongoing source of financing with advantageous terms and conditions, giving your own company improved negotiating power.
  • It avoids costs of issuance of cheques/promissory notes or handling of documents, and offers greater security in processing bills, reducing incidents which can occur due to returned transfers, unreceived cheques, etc.
  • Lets you standardise you system for paying suppliers, with the subsequent administrative benefits.
  • Bankia offers you online service and a telephone help line available to your suppliers.
  • Online information on the state of your line and shipment of files via the Online Bankia Business.