Confirming Proveedor

  • Consult and advance payment of invoices

    That have been communicated by your customers

  • Check the status of your invoices. You'll receive payment in advance, thus removing the credit risk. You have a source of unlimited financing.

You will be able to achieve immediate liquidity anticipating the invoices communicated by your clients thanks to the Bankia Confirming for Suppliers

Using Bankia Online Empresas for customers and Bankia Online Proveedor for non-customers, you can consult payment notifications and financing offers issued to you and request advances on invoices on an individual or global basis, automatically.


Advances requested in Bankia accounts will be paid at the moment they are applied for.

If you are already a Bankia customer, enters in your Online Bankia Business for:

  • Consult the payment notifications and financing offers that have been issued for you.
  • Request an advance on individual or overall invoices (automatic advance).
  • Update your basic details.


If you are not yet a Bankia customeraccess Supplier Reverse Factoring for:

Product advantages

  • Agility and speed in the early charge of your invoices without banking risk consumer spending. Without impact in your CIRBE and without previous classification
  • In the event of advance, disappearance of the default risk (without recourse)
  • Possibility of consulting and requesting the advance via the website of Bankia
  • Information of the receivable invoices, amounts, maturities (Centre Attention to Suppliers 902 931 560 and Bankia Online Business)
  • Possibility of punctual or automatic advances so that all the invoices are early without administrative steps

Frequently Asked Questions

¿How can expedite the advance of the payments? Signing a contract of advance automatic, paying directly pay into the an account of Bankia and via Bankia Online Companies.

¿Who assumes the risk? For the suppliers the advance is without recourse.

¿How can give information on me some invoices? Via the Costumer Service Centre (CAP) in the telephone 902 931 560 and through the Online Bankia Business for suppliers clients and Oficina Internet not to client.


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