Confirming Proveedor

  • Consult and advance payment of invoices

    That have been communicated by your customers

  • Check the status of your invoices Receive payment in advance eliminating the credit risk You have an unlimited source of financing

    Main features

    Advances requested in Bankia accounts will be paid at the moment they are applied for.

    If you are already a Bankia customer it enters in your Oficina Internet Empresas for:

    • Consult the payment notifications and financing offers that have been issued for you.
    • Request an advance on individual or overall invoices (automatic advance).
    • Update your basic details.

    If you are not yet a Bankia customer access Supplier Reverse Factoring for:


    Advantages of Confirming Proveedor

    • Instantaneous detailed information on your receivable invoices.
    • 100% financing of your invoices.
    • Acquisition of an unlimited permanent source of financing, without consuming your own credit: liquidity.
    • Guarantee in receiving payment of your invoices.

    We offer suppliers an exclusive help line service: 902 931 560