Cuenta de Crédito

  • Finance your company's working capital

    Whenever you like and at minimum cost

  • The simplest form of Short-term Financing. You can draw on the capital according to your company's needs. You only pay interest on the amount required.

In a Credit account it is granted a limit of credit availability for any economic or financial need that you can have, being able to channel all your charge operations and payments, as though it was a current account.

It is the product of financing that it covers your liquidity gaps between charges and payments, with the aim of attending sporadic situations of short term financing.

It is, therefore, the simplest form of short-term financing. Suitable for specific financing needs caused by companies' cycles.

Within the Credit account you can negotiate Sales to the Limit. Nos adapt to your needs at all times.

In the same way you offer the possibility of Making more flexible the Financial Terms and Conditions, that is, to make more flexible prices for stretches of term or amount, or the commission percentage of not arranged by term or amount.

Advantages of the Credit Account

  • It is a product of use financing free to attend your treasury needs.
  • Indefinite validity contract that will avoid notarial intervention costs in the renewals.
  • It guarantees you a ?mattress? of financing at your disposal at any time.
  • You will help to cover gaps between charges and the payments of your economic activity.
  • Flexibility in economicconditions, prices for stretches of term or amount and commission percentage of not arranged by term or amount.
  • All the unified operations in an only account, being able to use for this your current current account.
  • Facility to link other working capital products within the same policy, as a Trade Discount, Comercio Exterior Facility, Avales Facility, among others.

Frequently asked questions:

¿Why can need a Credit account?

To have a credit limit of free use, for any need that you can have.


¿What type of fees has?

Credit accounts have following fees:

  • Formalisation fee: Is yielded in the granting of the financing on the maximum limit of the credit.
  • Fee for balance not willing: Is applied on the balance not had the maximum limit of the agreed credit.
  • Fee of exceeded: Is applied for suppositions in which the granted maximum limit is exceeded.


¿What interest applies?

  • Interest Payable: Price that is been paid for the credit used.
  • Receivable Interest: Compensation package for creditor positions.