Cuenta de Crédito

  • Finance your company's working capital

    Whenever you like and at minimum cost

  • The simplest short term financing way. You can have the capital according to your company's needs. Only pays interest for the required amount.

    Main features

    If you need to finance your company's working capital, with the Bankia Credit Account you can draw on the amount you need when you need it and at minimum cost.

    The credit allows you to have access to the amounts you need gradually, so that you only pay interest on the amount you need, according to the draw down time.

    It is, therefore, the simplest form of short-term financing. Suitable for specific financing needs caused by companies' cycles.

    Advantages of the Credit Account

    • You can call on the capital according to your company's needs, as you have a permanent financing facility.
    • The peace of mind of knowing that when your company has a financial need, you can call on the funds immediately.