• Payment management and loan advances

    That the company holds with third parties and that it has previously ceded to Bankia

  • It allows financing and liquidity to be obtained by receiving payment for your invoices in advance. Reduces administrative and payment control tasks. It removes accounts receivable from your balance sheet.

Main features

Manages your charges anticipating your credit sales. With the Factoring of BANKIA to the maximum will reduce the administrative tasks related to the charges of clients being able to finance the term sales. In addition, your company will be able to have a commercial classification of the clients and thus mitigate the business risks.

The Factoring is focused to companies that they work in a recurring way with its clients and that they charge term.

The cession of the credits it can be:

  • Global: cession of all the credits of a debtor.
  • Partial: cession of certain credits of a debtor.

Product advantages

  • Generates liquidity anticipating the charge of the invoices.
  • Reduces the administrative tasks related to the charge to client.
  • Credit rating of your debtors.
  • Without recourse: reduces of the balance sheet the accounts receivable without consumer spending of debt CIRBE.


Substitute Product

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