Financiación estructurada

  • Custom-made financial solution

    Through the financing of projects, of assets and of acquisitions

  • Asset financing. Project financing. Acquisition financing.

Project financing

The project financing team, specialised in providing solutions and products for this activity, offers a full range of services in this field, from the advisory phase, design and structuring to the assurance and syndication of the financing.

Today we are a leading institution with a leadership position in project financing operations in our market, both for the public sector and for large national and international corporations, with a loan portfolio greater than €4,900 million in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, environment and industry.

We also support SMEs, offering specialised financing formulas for small and medium-sized projects. This commitment sets us apart and lets employers optimise returns on their investments, in addition to accessing a market that lets operations be structured in accordance with their needs.

Asset financing

The asset financing team is responsible for operations structuring and the assurance of financial operations that mainly depend on market value or the residual value of specific assets, more than on the known flow of future earnings. These operations may go hand in hand with tax improvements that are transferred to clients. The main sectors in which operations are executed are: real ship financing, ship tax lease, aircraft / air sector, real-estate sector (offices, industry, hotels) railway rolling stock, etc.

Acquisition financing

In the field of acquisition financing, we offer operation structuring and assurance both for corporate purchases and those in which the investors are private equity funds, and we are particularly active in transactions with high levels of gearing (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, etc.), providing both senior and subordinated debt (mezzanine).

We have consolidated our leadership position in acquisition financing, having structured and insured some of the largest transactions of this year. We have positioned ourselves as one of the most active Spanish financial institutions in this market, both at a domestic and a European level.

Due to this success, we can make a solid commitment to operations from a very early phase, designing the most suitable financial structure, accompanying clients throughout the entire process of due diligence and negotiating the purchase and, finally, ensuring the final execution of the operation within the established timelines, amounts and terms. This activity is complementary to those carried out by the Financial Advisory, Customer Management and Capital Markets divisions, in which we also hold a strong position in the market.

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