• The goods that need for your business

    without the need for initial spending, in exchange for periodic payment of rent, and with the possibility to acquire them

  • Significant tax savings. Repayment flexibility. Medium and long term financing.

You offer the possibility of using the goods that need for the development of your economic activity without having carry out initial disbursements, in exchange for the deposit of a periodic income and with the possibility of acquiring good when finishing the contract for an a lot smaller amount set in advance.

We put at your disposal property leasing products, property and lines of leasing.

Main advantages

  • Significant tax savings.
  • Up to 100% of the investment.
  • Repayment flexibility.
  • Capital is not frozen.
  • Lets you know the costs from the time you sign the contract.
  • Medium and long term financing.
  • Call option for assets at a pre-established value.
  • Valid for national and imported equipment.
  • Choice total freedom, both of goods and of suppliers.

Acting parties

Leaseholder, the client is that requests the leasing, that it can be:

  • Legal entity
  • Individual with business activity (self-employed workers)
  • Entities without legal entity: Civil Societies and Joint assets

Lessor: BANKIA S.A.

Supplier: Chosen good supplier by the client that, once carried out the leasing, BANKIA will acquire.



Questions frequent

¿There is some minimum term when request a leasing? Yes, the legal minimum terms are 2 years for team's the goods and 10 years for the properties.

¿It can cancel the contract before its maturity? Yes, although we must take into account that the early cancellation involves the payment of a fee of cancellation and, also, can have fiscal repercussions if we have not fulfilled the legal minimum term.

¿You can sublease good object of the leasing? Only with previous authorisation of Bankia. One should keep in mind the fact that the sublease does not modify the obligations of the holder of the operation of leasing.