Línea ICO Crédito Comercial

  • Finances the invoices

    derived from a company's ordinary activities, at the nationwide level.


  • For invoices with a maximum term of 180 days. Without Commissions. Up to 100% of the amount.

Benefits of the Commercial Credit Facility

  • It facilitates financing up to 100% of the amount of the invoices that meet the requirements of the Facility, VAT included.
  • An is permitted a maximum of 12.5 million euros per title holder is allowed, in one or several transactions (live balance) and for all Financial Institutions.
  • Financing is provided for invoices with a maturity date of up to 180 days.
  • The interest rate is variableconsisting of 6-month Euribor + ICO Spread (over 180 day term) + 2.30%. ICO publishes the rates each week on its website www.ico.es.
  • No fees start-up, appraisal, modification or settlement fees.
  • The signing of additional documentation is not necessary (except for Appendix 0 and ICO clauses), nor is the modification of any discount contract that the client has already signed.
  • It is compatible with other subsidies received from the autonomous communities regions (ACs) or other institutions (RGC/SAECA).

Terms and Conditions


Companies and self-employed workers with registered office in Spain, that issue invoices from the confirmed sale of goods and services made to a debtor located within Spain.

Items that can be financed:

  • Invoices issued with deferred payment related to the confirmed sale of goods or services made to a debtor located within Spain.
  • Financing is provided for invoices with a maturity date of no more than 180 days, counting from the date that the invoice amount is advanced by the Bank to the client.
  • Invoices that have been previously financed are excluded.



Until 7 December 2017 or earlier if the facility's funds are exhausted.