Línea Multiproducto Global

  • It unifies the financing of your company's working capital under a single contract

    which reduces procedures and costs

  • Provides the management of the available limits. Signature of an only contract for operations of working capital. Indefinite term of agreement.

    Main features

    The Multiproducto Global Facility links the financing of your company's working capital under a single contract, thus reducing procedures and costs. Moreover, assign an overall limit you can distribute it among the following individual products:

    • Credit Account.
    • Commercial Portfolio.
    • Guarantee Facility
    • Foreign Trade Facility.

    Advantages of the Multiproducto Global Facility

    It combines the individual products that make up the Multiproducto Global Facility and your company will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

    • Signing of a single contract for working capital operations, simplifying the delivery of documentation in successive renewals.
    • Indefinite contract term, avoiding mediation and travelling expenses.
    • The economic conditions of each product associated with the Multiproducto Global Facility are set out in a private contract, which is why in the event of modifying it no mediation is necessary.
    • It facilitates the management of the available limits, avoiding idle amounts.