• We are strengthening our services for companies

    At the hand of specialist professionals

  • Investment in intangible assets. Maximum flexibility and adaptation. Convenient repayment instalments.

Via the Loans of BANKIA, you provide the financing that need so that your company grows or it innovates.

The business Loans of BANKIA are set aside for finance investments to middle and long term adapting the conditions to our clients' needs.

Aims of the Loans BANKIA are very various, with them will be able to cover, among others:

  • Investments in material and immaterial assets.
  • Acquisition or adaptation of lands for industrial, commercial or agricultural use.
  • Buying, building or renovating industrial buildings or industrial, commercial or farming premises.
  • Investments in teams and technical installations, machinery, transportation and property elements.
  • Liquidity gaps.

Product advantages

  • Flexibility of installments
  • Possibility of choice of the type of Interest (fixed or variable)
  • Possibility of choice of the repayment installment
  • Possibility of financing a high percentage of your investment.

Frequently asked questions:

¿Is compulsory the signature of the loan in Notary's office? The obligation or not of the signature determines it the company according to the characteristics of each operation.

¿I can carry out early partial write-offs or even the total cancellation before the maturity? Yes, is possible should take into account the associated costs in each case that they will come collected in the loan contract.