• We are strengthening our services for companies

    At the hand of specialist professionals

  • Investment in intangible assets. Maximum flexibility and adaptation. Convenient repayment instalments.

Advantages of the Loan

We want to support business, and that's why we are strengthening our services for that sector through our specialized professionals, and offering the most appropriate products to provide the financing companies need to grow.

This loan is designed to finance long-term business investment, with competitive interest rates and ongoing updates. With maximum flexibility and adapting to our clients' needs. Thanks to this you will be able to finance a large percentage of your investment with convenient repayment installments.

The aim of these loans is very diverse:

  • Investments in intangible assets.
  • Acquisition or adaptation of lands for industrial, commercial or agricultural use.
  • Buying, building or renovating industrial buildings or industrial, commercial or farming premises.
  • Investments in technical equipment and installations.
  • Etc.