Foreign Trade

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Although you are on the other side of the world, are to your side


      • Has the best ones to arrive further away. Because of willingness, experience, service and catalogue.
      • You help to delete your borders, when offering operational and financial support.
      • Thus it will be so easy the international trade as the national.

Comercio Exterior Facility

An only risk contract for your Foreign Trade operations

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    Comercio Exterior Facility

    The Comercio Exterior Facility is an only risk contract for the majority of operations of Foreign Trade.

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    COMEX Expert Line

    Contacts with our experts in foreign trade and explains all your doubts on your operations.

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    Bankia Online Business

    Connect you already to Bankia Online Business and carries out your way enquiries and bank transactions simple and with total security.

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    COMEX notifications

    Provide your operations' management learning more punctually on the more relevant facts of your international activity.

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    SWIFT for Corporates

    Covers the need of automation and standardisation that has your company in its transactions and communications with the financial institutions.

  • How can contract the card companies?

    Via your branch or your Commercial manager.

    The contract will be registered to the company (legal person) whereas the cards will be given to the individuals.

  • What fees has the card companies?

    The registration of the card is free.

    The maintenance fee is subsidised starting from the 4th payee and successive card in addition to for every card that it turns over individually 5,000 euros to credit in the twelve previous months to the one of the charge of the fee.

  • What profits has the card companies?

    • Registration fee.
    • Accident insurance.
    • Employee infidelity insurance.
    • Discount in Galp service stations associated of the Whole of Spain.
    • Discounts in Hertz.
    • Service connection (computer assistance and legal free).