Exchange rates

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  • Contract your currencies in our Online Bankia Business

Work with different currencies as if they were euros

Currencies are not to be played with


  • We offer you: counted, buy/sell of forward exchange and derivatives.
  • You can contract the buy/sell of forward exchange for your sale operations or purchase.
  • Eliminate foreign exchange risk. See the final price in advance.

Products designed to help your company to grow

Alternative coverage products to the Buy/sell of forward exchange, designed custom-made of our clients' needs.

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    Buy/sell of forward exchange and counted

    With these operations the client acquires the obligation to buy or sell a currency to the bank to a certain price.

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    Alternative coverage products to the Buy/sell of custom-made designed forward exchange of our clients' needs.

  • Need credit carried out the test MiFID for the buy/sell of forward exchange or derivatives?

    So much the buy/sell of forward exchange as the ones derived from exchange rate are classified such as complex products according to the standard MiFID, which is why is essential credit carried out the tasks MiFID before its contracting.

  • What are exchange rate derivatives? Does Bankia markets these products?

    Exchange rate derivatives are hedging products that are an alternative to exchange insurance.

    They allow our customers to access the best conditions to cover their exchange rate risks.

    By combining options and activating/deactivating barriers, we can build custom-made coverages to meet our customers' needs.

  • I have have contracted some additional product for the buy/sell of forward exchange?

    For the contracting of the buy/sell of forward exchange the client has have set up a Line Comex or a Line of Derivatives. Similarly, for the contracting of any exchange rate derived from need have a Line of Derivatives and signed a contract CMOF.