Crédito documentario de exportación

  • It guarantees that if you comply with its terms and conditions

    The issuing bank owes address the payment

  • Removes the risk of the buyer cancelling the contract. It allows you to offer your client financing. It brings peace of mind as the documents are checked by Bankia's experts.

The documentary letter of credit is the safest means of payment for an exporter, since it is a guarantee that if they comply with its terms and conditions and present the documentation in due time and in the correct form in the place stipulated in the documentary letter of credit, the issuing bank has the irrevocable commitment to address its payment on the agreed maturity (on presentation or deferred).

With the documentary letter of credit have the possibility of adding to the guarantee of the issuing bank, the guarantee of Bankia, indicating him to your client that it requests to its bank the issuance of its credit with instructions of confirmation. Bankia, after the study of the operation's risk, of the credit quality of the issuing bank and of its lines' availability of risk, will decide add or not its confirmation, notifying urgently its decision so much to you as to the issuing bank, complying with the obligations that him impose the UCP 600.

Is significant that, at the time of the notification of the credit, revise all the terms and conditions to check that they are the agreed and that you can fulfill them. The guarantee of charge depends on the presentation in agreement of required documents in the documentary letter of credit. Have always current that the documentary letter of credit pay documents, not merchandise.

If you want deepen in this product, enquiry this Letters of Credit Presentation of Export (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Acting parties

Importer: payer of the opening of the Documentary letter of credit in order to pay its debt if the exporter complies with the conditioned established.

Exporter: Bankia's payee client of the documentary letter of credit, is who receives the amount of the sale as long as it complies with agreed documents in the credit.

Issuing bank: is the company that ordered by the importer opening the credit, manages the operation and guarantees the payment in case the conditioned agreed is fulfilled between importer and exporter.

Bank of the payee: Bankia as a bank of the payee, is who carries out the management of the documentation.

Product benefits

  • For its irrevocable"' character "the risk of resolution is deleted of contract by the buyer.
  • Ensures that, if are presented documents constitute, its charge is received in the stipulated date, deleting of that way the business risk.
  • It allows you to grant financing to your client, delaying the date of payment. Bankia can buy you in advance and without recourse your charge right (Forfaiting on documentary letters of credit of export).
  • It provides legal protection, as the loans are regulated under specific ICC international regulations (UCP600).
  • It gives you peace of mind, as the documents are checked by Bankia's experts before being sent to help you avoid any discrepancies.
  • If you confirm the credit, you eliminate the political or country risk.
  • If contracts a trading of forward exchanges, delete the risk of exchange rate.


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