Crédito suministrador

  • Mid- to long-term financing structure

    To obtain financing in exchange for the cession without recourse of your credit rights

  • Access new markets reducing the risk of the operation. Avoid consuming your own risk facilities. Turn debt into liquidity on your balance sheet

Supplier Credit is a mid- to long-term financing structure that allows you, as an exporter, to obtain financing in exchange for the cession without recourse of your credit rights with deferred payment deriving from your export contracts for capital goods, turnkey services or projects. The Supplier Credit may be eligible for official support through the acquisition of CESCE coverage.

You will be the holder of the financing, although registration on the part of the importer is required in which they recognise the cession of the credit rights in favour of Bankia.

Bankia considers the Pidiregas (Deferred Infrastructure Projects in the Record of the Expenditure) as a variant of the supplying credit.

Pidiregas are Mexican Government schemes for financing private investment infrastructure projects for the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) that will pay the selected company or consortium the budgeted principal when the project is established and operating.

Product benefits

  • Provides your negotiations in the exports affording obtain improve the economic conditions of the same.
  • You you allow accessing new markets reducing the risk of the operation and it can increase your exports to countries with a reduced financing availability for your buyers.
  • Eliminate the credit risk (exchange payment rights for payment in full), country risk and exchange rate risk.
  • When being without recourse, avoid consume your own risk lines freeing thus limits for other operations in addition to improve your balance sheet turning debt in liquidity.
  • If need pose an operation of this kind, Bankia has professionals and with broad experience to advise you and take to good end the operation.
  • You go through the management of charge of your financial effects reducing the administrative tasks of your company.