Factoring Sin Recurso Titulos CESCE

  • Bankia buys the receivables

    You hold with your clients, derived from your sales with deferred payment

  • You can remove the receivable from your balance sheet, as it is non-recourse financing You do not increase your CIRBE quota You eliminate the credit risk of an outstanding invoice

    CESCE Shares Non-recourse Factoring Benefits

    This is a product through which Bankia buys the receivables which, as an exporter, you hold with your clients derived from sales with deferred payment, provided they are covered by certificates of insurance. CESCE.

    You should have Master Oro Insurance Policy with CESCE to cover the risk of non-payment of your invoices. In addition you have to sign a contract with Bankia for the cession without recourse.

    This purchase is made without recourse on the part covered by CESCE (85% - 90%) and it is paid to you as soon as it is assigned. The remaining amount (15% - 10%) will be settled when it is received from the debtor. The debtor must be private, classified by CESCE and located in the European Union (except Italy), Switzerland, the United States or Canada.

    You will be interested to know that:

    • You can lighten the load on your balance sheet, as it is financing without recourse.
    • You do not increase your quota CIRBE, hence you improve your financial position.
    • You do not consume risk facilities with your banks.
    • You avoid the credit risk on an outstanding bill.
    • You achieve liquidity on deferred charges.
    • You increase your sales capacity, as the product allows you to assume greater commercial risks with your buyers.