Forfaiting de Exportación

  • Financial product through which

    Bankia buys international commercial credits with deferred payment at discount and without recourse

  • You can forfait the amount of Export Documentary Credits. Achieve greater flexibility in your negotiations. Turn debt into liquidity on your balance sheet.

Advantages of Export Forfaiting

International Forfaiting is a financial product through which Bankia buys, at a discount and without recourse, international commercial credits with deferred payment that your exporting company (creditor) has with an importer (debtor), the payment for which is usually formalised in financial documents with deferred payment.

In this way, as a payee of this product, you improve your liquidity on receiving payment in full without affecting your borrowing capacity.

You will be interested to know that:

  • You can access this product directly if you are a beneficiary of a documentary letter of credit confirmed by Bankia, with accepted documents or with the commitment of the issuer of to pay on maturity.
  • You can also access it directly if you are a beneficiary of any means of payment guaranteed by Bankia.
  • Forfaiting is also possible with unconfirmed Documentary Letters of Export Credit, in which it is the issuing financial and/or confirming institution that is obliged to pay. In such cases, Bankia will offer the financing without recourse after studying the operation, the solvency of the institution obliged to pay and the availability of your risk facility.
  • You can also benefit from Export Forfaiting if you receive a guarantee or a Standby Letter of Credit in your favour that guarantees payment for your sales to a client.
  • With this product you achieve greater flexibility in your negotiations and increase your sales capacity, as you can offer longer payment periods to your buyers.
  • Avoid credit risk (you exchange receivable credits for payment in full), country risk and exchange rate risk.
  • It improves your working capital as it turns your future payment rights into liquidity (by paying them in advance).
  • Turn debt into liquidity on your balance sheet
  • As it is without recourse, you avoid consuming your own risk facilities (freeing up limits for other operations or lowering your CIRBE).

Export Forfaiting (PDF, 103 kB)

Forfaiting on Export Documentary Letters of Credit (PDF, 361 kB)