Ingreso de cheques

  • Means of payment on demand, by which

    You receive payment for a sales transaction or provision of services

  • Bankia can clear cheques or promissory notes in any traded currency Receiving a check made out to you does not guarantee that you will really get paid Risk from delivery of the merchandise and insufficient funds for the cheque

    Advantages of cheque deposit

    The cheque is a means of payment on demand with which, as an exporter, you receive payment for a business transaction or a provision of services.

    A promissory note is a negotiable instrument, where one party (the issuer) makes an unconditional promise in writing to pay a specified amount of money to another party (the payee), at an established future time.

    In the case of bank notes, unlike with cheques, it does not necessarily mean that they are somehow issued or guaranteed by a bank, but that the document used is printed by the institution, also including the number of the bank account through which payment will be made, which will facilitate subsequent collection and will give the document better discount possibilities.

    If you use this means of payment (cheque deposit or promissory note), you should have full trust in your client. In any case, bear in mind that a bank cheque gives greater security than a personal cheque.

    The bank check is a document issued by a banking organisation of a country, at the request of its importing customer, in favour of the exporter of the operation for which the cancellation of payment is required.

    As an exporter you should know that:

    • Bankia can clear cheques or promissory notes in any quoted currency.
    • Receipt of a cheque made out to you does not guarantee payment.
    • Risk of not being able to cash the cheque after the merchandise has been delivered.