Línea ICO Exportadores 2019

  • Finances the exporting activity

    And the process of internationalisation of the companies

  • For invoices so much in euros as other currencies. Financing exempt from fees. Compatible with other aids.


The Exporting ICO Facility is included within the International Mediation Facilities that the ICO has available to finance the process of internationalisation and the exporting activity of the companies with registered office in Spain.

Low instrumented financings the Exporting ICO Facility have following characteristics and advantages:

  • The repayment installment can not be higher than 180 days.
  • The invoices can be issued in euros or other currencies, although the financings will be always in euros.
  • This financing is exempt from fees (extension, cancellation without reimbursement, etc.).
  • It is not necessary to modify the already signed foreign trade policy with the client, to that which will be attached the clausulado ICO and the Annexe 0 corresponding to the provisions carried out.
  • You can finance until 100% of the amount of the bill, provided that the maximum amount is not exceeded of 12.5 lively balance million euros by client and year, in one or more provisions, without existing limitation for debtor country (except for those which are in the list of sanctions of OFAC).
  • This financing is compatible with aids received from the Autonomous Communities (Autonomous Communities) or other institutions.


The applicable interest rate is variable, and is formed as follows:

  • EURIBOR Reuter 6 months (Friday's prior to the beginning of each week) + fund capture Differential of ICO + Margin Company.

    If the sum of the capture EURIBOR + Differential of ICO's funds is negative, ICO applies for this addition 0%.

The differential ICO is the cost of capture of funds for this company and fluctuates according to the market conditions. The ICO publishes its interest rates in a periodic way in its website www.ico.es.

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  • Beneficiaries: Business and self-employed workers with registered office in Spain that they issue invoices derived from the steady sale in of goods and services carried out to a located debtor out of the country.
  • Documentation: All the financings owe be justified documentalmente (invoices, charges, contracts, Annexe 0, document that it justifies the export, among others).
  • Validity: Until the 27 December 2019, or earlier if the exhaustion of the Line's funds is produced.