Pre y Post Financiación

  • Advance granted by Bankia

    On income from your sales of goods or services in a foreign country

  • Covers logistics and transport expenses. You must have a Comercio Exterior Facility granted. You can use exchange rate coverage.

Pre- and Post-Financing Benefits

Export financing consists of an advance granted by Bankia against income from your sales of goods or services in a foreign country.

This type of financing can be initiated as soon as you close your sales agreement, even prior to the start of the manufacturing process.

  • The pre-financing is the financing for the period that passes between the date of the order or contract of trading and the shipment of the merchandise or service provision.
  • The post-financing or advance of export covers the period that passes from the date of shipment of the merchandise or service provision, until the effective charge.

As an exporter you should know:

  • Pre-financing for your exports provides liquidity, to help you buy the supplies needed for manufacturing goods or developing services.
  • It allows you to cover logistics and transport costs.
  • You have been granted a Comercio Exterior Facilitythat includes this operation.
  • You can request financing both in euros and the main currencies.
  • You can request financing as the payee of any international means of payment (cheques, transfers, remittances, documentary letters of credit).
  • You will be able to undertake this financing using the ICO Exporter Facility conditions.
  • You can use coverages of exchange rate (trading of forward exchanges, options, etc.).
  • You can repay early or extend the financing up to the maximum term allowed in the Comercio Exterior Facility. The maturity of the financing should be the expected date of payment.
  • Bankia will not automatically cancel the financing on the established maturity date. The system grants a margin of 30 days to reconcile the actual reception of the funds with the cancellation of the financing, thus avoiding liquidity gaps.
  • Seven days before the financing matures you will receive a Comex Notificationinforming you.