Remesas de exportación

  • Document payment management

    Financial and/or commercial that you assign to Bankia

  • The export clean remittance will mitigate the risk of non-payment. Remittances are regulated by specific regulations. The risk of non-payment is mitigated if the financial document is guaranteed.

Export Remittance Benefits

An export remittance consists of the payment management of the financial and/or commercial documents you assign to Bankia.

When you have more trust in your clients, you will be able to choose the remittance (simple or documentary) as a means of payment. You should consider the confidence level to choose an option or another.

  • The clean draft of export it consists of the payment management of financial documents (letters, bills, promissory notes, cheques, promissory notice). Unless the goods are guaranteed, the importer's bank will not accept any payment commitment. Under this premise that a financial institution is not obliged to pay, the choice on your part of the clean remittance must be based on the trust, prior experience and knowledge of your client.
  • The documentary remittance against payment, at least, you contributes the security of that the documentation necessary to obtain the merchandise travels within the banking circuit and, that this, it will not be delivered to the buyer unless the payment is previously made (if the payment is view).

If, by virtue of the confidence you have in your client, you decide to use a documentary remittance against acceptance, deferring the payment, the obligation of the receiving institution will be exclusively to collect the signature of its client on the acceptance document. It will hand over the documents after fulfilling this requirement and on their maturity it will proceed to charge the buyer. If there is balance, will send the funds in accordance with our instructions. If there is no balance, it will not make the charge and will not send the funds.

If you need a further guarantee, you can request documents to be handed over only against acceptance and bank guarantee. If the bank that makes the guarantee is acceptable for Bankia, will be able to offer him without recourse financing through the Forfaiting of export

Product benefits

  • The clean draft of export will mitigate the default risk if the financial document is backed for the financial institution.
  • Legal protection. The remittances are regulated for the standard URC 522 of the International chamber Of Commerce.
  • If the remittance is documental against payment, the documents that transfer ownership of the merchandise are included in the banking circuit and will not be handed over to your client unless payment is made.

In addition you interest knowing

  • The documents will not be revised by experts from the financial institutions and therefore no discrepancies will be formulated. Although if the buyer does not want the documents, they can refuse them.
  • If you have backed financial documents with deferred payment, Bankia would be able to buy them without recourse, according to the credit quality of the bank and of its lines' availability of risk, through the Export Forfaiting

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