Transferencia Recibida

  • Simple means of payment

    Based on the criterion of a high degree of trust between the parties

  • High level of mechanisation in the processing of operations received from abroad. You have all the exchange rate coverage at your disposal. Risk of delivering merchandise prior to the transfer.

Received Transfer Advantages

Transfers are a simple payment method based on a criteria of solid trust between the parties (importer and exporter).

Depending on the confidence that the importer has in the exporter (or vice versa), or simply because market conditions require as such, this concerns:

  • Payment prior to the delivery of the goods.
  • Payment subsequent to the delivery of the goods.

As an exporter you should ensure that you deliver the merchandise to your client when you have sufficient guarantees of receiving payment. If you are not sufficiently sure of the importer, you should try and send the merchandise after receiving the funds.

If you already have a relationship of trust with your client, you should consider what risk you assume if you deliver the merchandise before receiving payment.

If you offer your client deferred payment, Bankia can offer you post-finance your sale charged to your Comercio Exterior Facilityeven to study the possibility of paying the amount of your sale in advance without recourse. In this case, the operation should contain sufficient guarantees for Bankia to ensure that it can be brought to a successful conclusion. For example, if you have contracted the CESCE Master Oro Policy, you could instruct that entity to issue a liquidity certificate in favour of Bankia (Factoring without recourse of CESCE certificates). Or, if Bankia can classify your clients' risk, you can request a Line of International Factoring.

Of interest to you as an exporter:

  • High level of mechanisation in the processing of operations received from abroad. If the transfer received has all the correct identifying details, payment into your account is automatic.
  • You have all the exchange rate coverages at your disposal (Forex insurance, options, etc.).
  • Risk of merchandise delivery before the transfer and not receiving the funds.
  • You can check the movements registered in any of your accounts in Bankia Online Business.