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Going out into the world with Bankia is easy


  • With the Oficina Internet Empresas you can operate from anywhere in the world.
  • We facilitate your payments, we finance your operations.
  • We offer your suppliers non-recourse purchasing from your operations.

Products designed to help your company to grow

  • Import letter of credit

    Crédito Documentario de Importación (Import Letter of Credit)

    This is the most secure payment method for buyer and seller because it represents an irrevocable commitment by the bank that issues it.

  • Supplier reverse factoring

    Reverse factoring

    We offer each of your suppliers the possibility to collect payment in advance or to guarantee payment at maturity (reverse factoring guarantee).

  • Import Forfaiting

    Forfaiting of Imports

    A financial product through which Bankia buys, at discount and without recourse, commercial credits payable in installments that your supplier owes your company.

  • What are the different types of documentary letters of credit?

    There are two main types of documentary letters of credit:

    • Documentary letters of import credit used as a means of payment for purchases made abroad.
    • Documentary letters of export credit to charge for sales made abroad.
  • How can I request an import documentary letter of credit?

    You can apply for a documentary letter of credit with your Bankia manager, who will pass on your request to the bank's foreign trade experts.

  • What are the periods of international financing?

    There is predefined time horizon and therefore international financing can cover the short, medium- and long-term.