Confirming Internacional

  • Him offer to each one of your suppliers the possibility

    Collecting payment in advance or securing payment at maturity (reverse factoring guarantee)

  • Reduce administrative and operative costs. Achieve better financial terms/conditions in your purchases. Create loyalty with your strategic international suppliers.

Benefits of International Reverse Factoring

Payment instrument used more and more for imports from China. At Bankia, we know how to help you with your Asian suppliers.

Bankia International Confirming is a service that Bankia offers to importers, to easily process payments in favour of their foreign suppliers.

The importer charges Bankia with the management of those payments and Bankia offers each one of your suppliers the possibility of advancing payment or guaranteeing payment on maturity (guaranteed Confirming).

As an importer, you may like to know that:

  • The use of International Confirming improves the perception of your credit quality for your international suppliers.
  • It reduces the administrative and operating costs associated with managing payments, making it possible to outsource your company's payments.
  • Operations carried out simply via our Oficina Internet Empresas (OIE).
  • Sending of files with OIE SWIFTon or Editran.
  • Obtain better economic terms/conditions in your purchases thanks to the possibility available to your suppliers to collect in advance or guarantee payments. We offer your suppliers a very competitive source of non-recourse financing which will mean you can, for example, rethink the conditions for your supplier payments, increasing the term.
  • Build loyalty among your strategic international suppliers by offering them non-recourse financing or guaranteed payment, without using up their own overdraft facilities with their banks.
  • Replaces other pricier payment methods with greater administrative complexity.

If you would like to know more about these products, view these presentations:

Bankia International Confirming - Version in Spanish (PDF, 674 KB)

Bankia International Confirming - English Version (PDF, 581 KB)

Bankia International Confirming - Chinese Version (PDF, 381 KB)

What operations can you carry out from Oficina Internet Empresas?

In the Oficina Internet Empresas you have access to the following operations:

  • Generation of files and sending.
  • View files and invoices.
  • Information on offers made and acceptance.
  • Possibility of requesting financing on maturity.
  • Possibility of associating an exchange insurance on maturity of invoices.
  • View the position of your suppliers.