Confirming Internacional

  • Him offer to each one of your suppliers the possibility

    Collecting payment in advance or securing payment at maturity (reverse factoring guarantee)

  • Reduce administrative and operative costs. Achieve better financial terms/conditions in your purchases. Create loyalty with your strategic international suppliers.

Service to manage the payments that you have do in favour of your foreign suppliers. Offer to each one of your suppliers the possibility of anticipating the charge or consolidate it on maturity, helping you to reduce costs and to achieve better terms/economic conditions in your purchases.


Standard: Shipment by Bankia of fee-paying communications in favour of your suppliers that can add an offer of financing. The suppliers can choose request the without recourse advance of the invoices or expect to its charge on maturity. In the event of advance:

  • The supplier charges the amount of the bill less the financial costs (fees and interests)
  • Is declared in your CIRBE as “without recourse ”operations

Backed: Option of the type standard that guarantees to the supplier the payment of the amount in the stipulated maturity date in the bill, through the issuance by Bankia of an irrevocable fee-paying commitment (?Payment Undertaking?), protected in the Comercio Exterior Facility of the client. Costs of consolidatiion (fees) assumes them the supplier, which is why they will be discounted of the nominal amount of the bill

Postfinanced: Via the financing imports? product ?have the option of once reached the maturity date of the invoices, request a financing to Bankia until a future date assuming its costs.

Early Payment: It allows managing the invoices with future maturity, carrying out the advance payment to the suppliers for the nominal amount of the bill. Allows to our clients negotiate best conditions early payment with its suppliers

  • The financial cost (fees + interests) is assumed by the client (paid)
  • Is declared in CIRBE addressed to the client as ?without recourse ?operations

Product advantages

  • Simplification and homogenización of your fee-paying mechanisms with administrative cost and information saving to the suppliers
  • Alternative to fee-paying means more complex and costly. Avoids promissory notes transfer issue costs and cheques.
  • Makes possible the negotiation with suppliers: Old periods of credit, better prices or discounts for early payment.
  • Improvement your image before suppliers when offering Bankia the advance or when guaranteeing its payments.
  • Comfort in the shipment from remittances to Bankia (Bankia Online Business, Editran, SWIFT)
  • Possibility of allocation of the margin or of the fee
  • Support of the Line expert Comex in the telephone 902 636 616.
  • Bankia support Online Company: Generation, remittance and enquiry shipment of the line via Bankia Online Business.
  • Instrument of payment increasingly used for the imports from China. At Bankia, we know how to help you with your Asian suppliers.