Financiación de Importación

  • Deferment granted by Bankia

    Of the payment for your purchases of goods or services in a foreign country.


  • You must have a Comercio Exterior Facility granted. You can use exchange rate coverage. You can request financing of any international means of payment.

Advantages of Import Financing

Import Financing consists of an agreement with Bankia to defer payment for your goods or services in the exterior.

This type of financing is initiated at the time of payment of the underlying operation to your supplier.

You can finance operations with deferred payment, thus achieving a further extension to the financing granted by your supplier.

As an importer you will be interested to know that:

  • You have been granted a Comercio Exterior Facilitythat includes this operation.
  • You can request financing both in euros and the main currencies.
  • You can request financing for any international means of payment (cheques, transfers, remittances, documentary letters of credit and international confirming).
  • You can use exchange rate coverages (exchange insurance, options) at its opening or at maturity.
  • You can repay early or extend the financing up to the maximum term allowed in the Comercio Exterior Facility.
  • Seven days before the financing matures you will receive a Comex Notification learning more so that you can organise your treasury.