International Guarantees

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Bankia can guarantee your operations

We can work directly, or if necessary, via our correspondents. Our extensive network allows us to offer you the coverage you need, anywhere in the world


  • We can provide specialised advising to help with your operations.
  • Through our COMEX Notifications service, we can keep you informed on an ongoing basis.
  • We provide you with maximum flexibility for all of your operations.

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    Technical Guarantees

    In your international business relations, your suppliers can require of you the issuance of a guarantee that it guarantees, for example, its purchases' payment or services.

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    Economic Guarantees

    A guarantee is a bank's commitment towards a third party, which guarantees the performance of an obligation or commitment contracted by a client of the issuing entity.

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    Stand By

    You can request that your suppliers issue any guarantee in your favour that will ensure return to you of any cash advances you may have been required to pay, and you can also demand their return in the event of a contractual breach.

  • What is the duration of a guarantee?

    The expiry date of a guarantee is fixed according to the terms of the underlying guarantee and therefore there are no predefined terms. Many guarantees even have an indefinite maturity.

  • What interest is paid on a guarantee?

    No interest is paid on a Guarantee, but rather risk fees and issuing expenses, if it is issued via SWIFT.

    The standard in terms of the risk fee charging methodology is for quarterly settlements paid in advance.

  • What are international guarantees?

    The main international guarantees are those of tender, early payment, performance, guarantee and retention in the field of "technical" guarantees and payment guarantees and financial guarantees in the "financial" field.