International Guarantees

International Guarantees

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Bankia can guarantee your operations

We can work directly, or if necessary, via our correspondents. Our extensive network allows us to offer you the coverage you need, anywhere in the world


  • We can provide specialised advising to help with your operations.
  • Through our COMEX Notifications service, we can keep you informed on an ongoing basis.
  • We provide you with maximum flexibility for all of your operations.

Characteristics of the guarantees

A guarantee is a banking commitment before a third party, that guarantees the good end of an obligation or commitment contracted by a client of the issuing entity.


In your international commercial relations, your suppliers may require you to issue a surety bond which guarantees, for example, your payment of purchases, services, etc.


A guarantee is a flexible product which adapts to any object or guarantee (payment of merchandise, fulfilment of a service or a contract, refund of an advance payment, etc.)


The guarantees can be Indefinite or have Nominal Maturity and/or Effective Maturity.


If you are importer, also can benefit from its advantages. For example, you can request your suppliers to issue in your favour a guarantee that returns those advance payments they have required of you and that, in the event of a failure to comply, you can demand to be refunded.


If you are exporter will need turn to this product, for example, when you tender for in a contest of award abroad, requesting a guarantee of type Bid Bond or Lay Bond. If you are finally awarded the contract, you may be required to provide a Performance Bond.


International guarantees are not, therefore, an exclusive product for importers or exporters, but a product which adapts to any need, the payee of the guarantee being offered the security that the issuing bank will answer for its execution. Therefore, it is important to study the guarantee received: text, object, legislation, etc., including as a fundamental part in this study the solvency of the issuing bank.


  • Coverage to worldwide level.
  • Customised advice via our specialists in Comex and maximum agility in the procedure.
  • Coverage so much of a punctual operation as of a continuing need.
  • Standards text availability and customised that they conform to different guarantee types.

Products designed to help your company to grow

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    Technical Guarantees

    In your international business relations, your suppliers can require of you the issuance of a guarantee that it guarantees, for example, its purchases' payment or services.

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    Economic Guarantees

    A guarantee is a bank's commitment towards a third party, which guarantees the performance of an obligation or commitment contracted by a client of the issuing entity.

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    Stand By

    You can request that your suppliers issue any guarantee in your favour that will ensure return to you of any cash advances you may have been required to pay, and you can also demand their return in the event of a contractual breach.

  • How can I check a card's expiry date and CVV code?

    The CVV is the card verification code that normally needs to be given when making online purchases. For Visa and MasterCard the CVV is 3 digits and is found on the back of the card, next to the space reserved for the signature. In American Express cards, they are 4 digits and appear on the back of the card. The card's expiry date can be found between the card number and the name of the account holder.

    You can also find out these details easily from the Bankia App.

  • How can I change the limits on my card?

    If you need to modify your credit card limit, you can do it though Bankia Online or addressing to any branch of Bankia.

  • What fees are charged on the cards?

    Thanks to the JUST FOR BEING YOU programme, customers who have their income paid directly into their bank account do not pay fees on their usual debit cards and can also have up to four cash withdrawals a month at non-Bankia ATMs free of charge (Banco Sabadell and euro 6000).

    See terms and conditions of the programme (PDF, 145 kB).

    You can find out the card fees in the book of Tariffs and fees or in your branch.