Bankia File Generator

This service allows you, through a simple system, to improve the management of your business, both in the payments your company has to make to suppliers and employees and in charges to your clients through receipts for payment, through discounting or financing.

What is the Bankia File Generator

  • It is a business software for managing and subsequently electronically processing standardised files, which allows you to create and maintain customer, supplier and employee databases without having to shut down the program. It also allows you to create and issue files with payment or collection orders, as well as to process and store Standard 43 and Sepa Standard 43 files.

    For the correct electronic processing and application of these files, you must have previously contracted the pertinent commercial service in Bankia, which provides support to the different collection and payment or information transmission orders, as well as having Oficina Internet Empresas as a General Module.

    Minimum software and hardware requirements to install the Bankia File Generator:

    • Microsoft ® Windows XP or higher.
    • 32-bit (x86) processor at 1 GHz or more.
    • RAM: 1 GB (100 MB free needed).
    • Free disk space required: 150 MB.
    • Mouse or compatible device.
    • Keyboard.

What can you do with the File Generator?

  • The Bankia File Generator allows you to produce different methods of collection:

    • SEPA Direct Debits (for direct payment): Bills payable on demand, for periodical service or usage fees charged to end consumers or users, with the prior authorisation of the debtor for payment (e.g. electricity bill or resident's association bills).
    • Sepa Finance Debit Entries: Collection rights held with respect to debtors, specified by amount and expiry (e.g. a deferred asset sale payable in 3 instalments at 30, 60 and 90 days).

    You can also generate different payment orders.

    • SEPA payments: salaries, transfers.
    • Reverse factoring: payment orders to pay your suppliers with the possibility of early collection.

Benefits of this service

    • Modular installation: each file regulation type has an assigned installation module. Depending on your preference, you can install only the necessary modules with the possibility to include or remove modules at any time.
    • It allows you to simplify your business' administrative management of collections and payments.
    • Resource and time optimisation.
    • Security and confidentiality in your operations.
    • Full-time availability.

    The programme Bankia File Generator provides the elaboration of the following types of files:

    • Standard 34.14 - SEPA Payments.
    • Standard 19.14 - SEPA Basic system debit entries.
    • Standard 19.44 - SEPA Company system debit entries.
    • Standard 58 - Receivables for early payments and management.
    • Standard 67 - Communication of data relating to cheques and promissory notes issued directly by clients.
    • Standard 67A - Orders for the issue of clients' cheques and promissory notes.
    • Standard 68 - Orders for the issue of direct debit payments.
    • Confirming.
    • Standard 19 - Direct debits on magnetic media (receipts).
    • Standard 32 - Bill remittances.
    • Standard 34 / 34.1 - Orders for the issue of salaries and national and international transfers in euros.

    Likewise simplifies importing and viewing standard files:

    • Standard 43 - Standardized bank account information.

How can you download the Bankia File Generator?

  • You can download the program via following routes:

      • From this very page, clicking on Download - Bankia File Generator
      • Accessing the Oficina Internet Empresas - in the "Files" option of the main menu, click on Software/Tools and click on Bankia File Generator.


    Together with the application installation files, you will find a complete operating manual and the documents named “User Guide” for each module, in which the screens and examples for generating each of the possible formats are set out.