Gestión Cobros y Pagos

This service you allows, through a simple operation, improve the management of your business, so much for the payments that your company has carry out to suppliers and employees, as in the charges to clients via bills to the charge.

Advantages of the service

  • Via the Online Bankia Business, from the option «File management», you can create and maintain your client base, suppliers and employees within the server of Bankia (hosting). In this way, can create and issue the orders of charge or deposit from a generating single.

    • It allows simplifying the administrative management of the charges and payments of your business.
    • Appeal and time optimisation that it will be able to dedicate to your company's trading activity.
    • Security and confidentiality in your operations.
    • Access at all times.

What can do with the Generator of Files?

  • Generation of charges:

    • Debits (for direct payment): payable bills to the presentation (in sight), that they correspond to fees because of services or uses of regular character in charge of the consumer or end user, and in which there is prior authorisation of the debtor of generic character to attend the payment (ej. the electricity bill, or the fee of the community of owners).

    Generation of payments:

    • Payrolls: transfers to workers of your company for this concept. Exceptionally, and previous contracting with Bankia, will be able to issue also cheques salary.
    • Other transfers: payment orders to other suppliers of services, supplies and products.

    And remembers that for any doubt or enquiry have at your disposal the Customer services of Online Bankia Business: 902 10 86 42.