File Sending

From the Online Bankia Business can process different types of files, for which, owe contracted credit previously the corresponding service.

Type of files you can process

    • Sepa Debits and Sepa Financed Debits:files generated under the 19.14 CSB and 19.44 CSB standards.
    • Direct debits - CSB 19 Invoice Files generated as per standard 19 CSB
    • Portfolio drafts: draft files generated as standard 32 CSB.
    • Payrolls: Payroll Files generated as per standard 34 CSB
    • Advances: invoice files generated under the 58 CSB standard.
    • Massive transfers: bulk transfer files generated as standard 34 CSB.
    • Cash Management Advances:Files generated as per standard 58 CSB
    • Direct debits Caja format:Invoice Files generated using Servirecibo application (Caja Format)
    • Infocartera:Notes Payable and Receivable Files generated using Infocartera application (Caja Format)
    • Open format: to process these files you must contract the service at a branch location, since you must specify the target application and sub-application for your sending.

    If you are able to send free format files without having performed any advance process, it means that Bankia has previously notified your company of these codes.