We want to help Spanish companies face up to one of their greatest competitive challenges: the digital transformation.

That's why we're giving you this simple, informative tool free of charge.

What is and for what serves?

  • It will allow you to analyse your business' online competitiveness, simply by only to introduce the address of the website of your company.

    The tool assesses over 100 parameters, which in turn encompass eight areas of measurement, and awards a score from 0 to 10. You are then given, free of charge, a complete and customised report with recommendations for improvement.

    And, if you decide to carry out a project to improve or develop your digital strategy, Bankia can offer you financing solutions tailored to your needs..

What areas analyses?

    • Position SEO: it is the place occupied by a website in the search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) when certain searches related to a business are made.

    • Mobility: it is the property of a website that allows it to be correctly viewed on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

    • User experience: it is visitors' perception of a website and its usability. If are lost, if understand the process of purchase, etc.

    • Digital marketing: this encompasses the digital actions that can be implemented in order to help a company meet its goals, in areas such as sales, requests for information, visits, etc.

    • Contents: blogs, the description of a company's products and website services, infographics or a newsletter are contents that help to show a business' personality and characteristics.

    • Social Networks: Internet users follow brands to get to know them, to express themselves, to get discounts or to ask questions. They are a new way of communication that they use million people.

    • E-commerce: it is the trade that is made electronically. Clients want to pay in a simple way, fast and sure via the online store.

    • Website analysis: it is the set of details that reveals who visits a website, as well as their characteristics and preferences, among others aspects.

    • Security: any company can be a victim of cyber-crime. Discover any weakness in the security of your website and the risk level.


    Access bankiaindicex.com and it discovers the level of digital competitiveness of your company.